Happy 10 months Birthday to Nicholas!!!

Spring 2000 is finally here, but if the weather is going to be as hot as yesterday, then I’m not too sure that I want spring to come.  It got up to 88 degrees here in Sacramento and boy was that hot. 

Well, Nicholas is still working on his ability to walk.  He is getting better and better at it.  He can now walk for about 10 feet without falling or crawling.  He is also seems to be a very early bird.  He goes to sleep quite late and gets up quite early also.  He doesn’t fall asleep, usually, until at least 10 PM, but then he gets up around 6 or 7 in the morning.  A month ago, he usually doesn’t get up until at least 8 AM.  I guess he’s just an early bird.

From my previous baby update, I found out that I am not suppose to give Nicholas any Honey Nut Cheerios because of the honey, so I have stopped that.  He now eats Lucky Charms instead.  Nicholas can now climb down the bed and the sofas now.  Well, I am not to sure if I should call it climb down or slide down.  He can get off the sofa pretty easily but hesitates a bit when it comes to the bed.  I was told that he does it a lot at my parents’ house.  Whenever he gets up from his little naps, he would climb down the bed by himself and sometimes he would end up falling.  He has even tried climbing down the stairs, but my parents’ are trying not to let him do that since he might fall backwards and hit his head.  One thing I know is that he really loves Teletubbies.  He watches them every morning when he gets up.  He also watches Barney but isn’t as interested in it as he is in Teletubbies.   He loves to see the little baby sun, especially when he smiles and laughs.  Nicholas will jump up and down to him. 

Another thing that Nicholas has come to like is music.  Whenever he hears music with a beat, he will start dancing to it.  He can’t really do much of a dance, but he will start jumping up and down while he’s standing.  Or when someone starts dancing and he’s also in the mood to dance, he will start jumping up and down.  He also has a passion for the outdoors.  I guess it’s because there are so many unexplored things outdoors.  I mean, he’s always in the house so he has practically explored every inch of the house, including the restrooms.  Outdoors is a different story.  It’s hard to be able to explore the whole outdoors.  He always wants to do outdoors.  Whenever anyone opens the door at my parents’ house, he would start getting excited and head towards the door.  Once you close it, he will start whining (crying without tears).  He is just so good at whining nowadays.  I mean, he lets out these really loud cries that if you just heard him, he sounds like he’s crying really hard or like something really hurts, but when you look at him, he has no tears coming down his face.  His eyes aren’t even wet.  If you left him have what he was whining about, he would immediately start smiling at you.  I guess he’s just a bit too spoiled.

His one year birthday is coming up, but we are not too sure what we are going to do for him just yet nor are we sure who to invite.  It’s a Saturday and we were taking of having a barbecue, but we are not totally certain of that yet.  We would like to have Michael’s side of the family come to Sacramento though.  As for my side of the family, they usually have to harvest the vegetables on Saturday so I am not sure how to work this out.  I am trying to ask my parents to skip on day of vegetable selling so that we can celebrate Nicholas’ birthday on June 3rd.  Another option would be having it on June 4th since my father would probably come home early from vegetable selling.  I do have two months to work it out though.  Hey, but we do plan on having something that weekend.  Just not sure which day yet.  Hey, another option would be to have to birthday parties for him, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  If anyone has some suggestions on what to do for his first birthday, please feel free to e-mail us.