July 4th Plans

Fourth of July is coming up and I hope everyone will be having a fun and safe holiday. I don't know what we will be doing on Fourth of July, but we will be going to a Fourth of July party this weekend at Dan's house. I think Nicholas will like it because there will be a swimming pool there. You can already figure it out by now that he loves the water. We bought a little inflatable swimming pool for his party and now, Mike and Nicholas get into it once in a while and the little one never wants to come back out from there. We don't put too much water in it so he can walk inside the pool so he really enjoys it.

Well, Nicholas is doing fine. To this date, he still has no teeth. Mike took him for his one-year check up about a week after his birthday and asked the doctor about this. The doctor said that it was okay and that he will be getting them soon. A week ago, he was crying a lot for no reason and I was thinking that it might be because his gums were hurting. I even bought some oral gel just in case, but after about two days of crying and complaining, he was okay again. He doesn't seem to be having any problems now and is playing around like usual. I am just a bit worried about him. He has always been such a normal baby and sometimes, above normal. But when it comes to his teeth, he is so behind. I don't know if it's going to be a problem or not. I mean he's almost 13 months old and no teeth. Not even any signs of teething and too many false alarms have occurred that I'm not going to get my hopes up until I see a little tooth sticking out of his gums.

Besides no teeth, Nicholas is progressing greatly. He now can climb up onto our bed now. I mean our bed is at about 3 feet tall. There is a shorter dresser at the edge of the bed and he will climb up the dresser and then up onto the bed. He scared the heck out of me the first time he climbed onto the bed. I was sleeping and the next thing I know he was next to me playing on the bed. I thought it was Mike who put him on the bed so I asked, but Mike said that he didn't. I was so curious as to how he got onto the bed so I sat there and watched him after I placed him back onto the floor. For the next minute or two, he just amazed me. I had mixed feeling running through me at the time. I was happy that he was so cunning, but also worried at the same time because of the danger that was associated with him on our bed. I really don't want to ever see him falling off the bed but I have to say that this is a very likely possibility if he continues to climb on the bed the way he does now. He is also capable of grabbing things that are at the edge of the tables so we have to be very careful of what we put on the edge of the tables. The day before Father's Day, we allowed him to play in the dining room and the living room after I gave him a bath and the next thing I know, he was on the computer table. There was a pen on the table and he got a hold of it. Somehow, he broke off the tip of the pen and started dripping ink blobs all over. By the time Mike got to him, he was filled with ink blobs all over himself. We had to take him back into the restroom and clean him off again. He also got the computer chair and the keyboard filled with ink blobs and there's nothing much we can do about those. He's just one active and hyper baby. He can also get himself into a lot of trouble without even having to try. At my parents' house, they had to move the computer table away from the sofas because he was using the sofas to climb into the computer table. Now, he is starting to climb onto the gates that block him from going like going up the stairs or into the dinning room. Speaking of stairs, he can now climb up and down the stairs with ease. He's just one daring little boy. I just hope that if he ever hurt himself because of the things he does, it won't be that bad or serious. He doesn't seem to get scared of things even though he might have fallen off of it before. For example, he climbed onto a table that we have in the living room and it's not that high, but he fell from it once. The next thing you know after we comforted him is that he goes right back to it without even a bit of doubt or fear that he might fall from it again.

Watching Nicholas has become a handful and my new job is turning out to be a really good change. I am also going back to school so it's hard to find time to sit down and write these update so if you don't see one anytime soon, you'll know why.

Well, with that, I'll see you all at the next update.