Learning to crawl

Well, Michael was supposed to put the other update a lot sooner than yesterday but I guess he’s been really busy with his new hard drive that he forgot.  I just bought him a new 16.8-gigabyte hard drive.  He’s just one computer freak. Well, hopefully he will put this one out in time.  Let’s see, Nicholas.  Well, he just went to the doctor last Friday and he weighed 17.2 pounds and is 27 inches tall now.   I have started dressing him in 1 year-old clothes now and they fit fine on him.  He really just amazes me.  The doctor said that he’s bigger than more than 90% of the kids his age.  He also said that Nicholas could now start eating some solid food such as rice cereal with his milk.  We haven’t tried it yet but I will probably do so sometimes this week.  He was not crying as hard as I expect him to be.  He did pretty well.  He only let out a few cries and then calmed down.  This weekend has been more hectic.  He has chapped lips and there’s a little cut on his lips because of it.  He’s been crying about it a lot this weekend.  I guess it was really painful.  We’re not sure if it’s the cut or the shots that he got since he just got them on Friday. 

Well, Michael says that he is for sure learning how to crawl.  At least he moves around a lot when he’s on his tummy.  He can slowly move across the bed now on his tummy.  He’s also doing fine on his walker.  He’ll stay on it for a while and when he wants to come out, he’ll tell us so.  It gets pretty obvious when he wants to come out.  We’ve also spread out a comforter in the living room so that he has plenty of room to crawl while we’re out there, putting together puzzles.  It’s my new hobby right now and Michael helps me out with them.  We’ve put 4 puzzles together already and got 3 more to go.  (Most of them are 1000 pieces.)