New Update

First off, apologies for the incomplete update earlier.  I was sick and really could not write much more than that at that point. Michael thought that we should still post it anyway.  Nicholas has a very good immune system because I’ve been sick for the past week or so, but still I’ve been taking care of him.  Amazingly, he’s still doing a lot better than I am.  Actually, it was him and Michael who got me sick in the first place.  He has a little cold earlier and Michael caught the cold from work so they just thought that they might pass it on to me and let me suffer instead.  Well, enough of the cold, let’s continue on with his development.  From the last update, I said that we have started putting him into his walker.  Well, he can now go backwards on it.  On Sunday morning, I placed him in his walker and to my surprise he started pushing himself backward with his legs.  The next thing I knew, he was all the way on the other side of the living room.  I then pushed him back to the other side of the living room and watched him slowly push himself across.  It’s really fascinating watching him go.  It’s been really fascinating been a mother as I discover new habits or tricks about Nicholas. 

This weekend, we went to San Francisco for an aunt’s birthday party.  On the way, we also went to visit Mom.  It was a good trip.  We had a chance to show Nicholas to a lot of my cousins and relatives that has never seen him before. We didn’t make it home until 11 last night, which really wore us all out especially Nicholas.  For the first time, he slept through the whole night.  He fell asleep while we were going home around 9:30 PM and did not wake up until this morning at around 8 AM.  I did pick him up once during the night though, being the paranoia mom that I am, just to feed him and change his diapers, but he didn’t really wake up through all that.  This morning when I woke up, I had to go over there and check to make sure that he was already and not sick or anything because he didn’t wake up at all.  It’s a good thing that he can sleep through the night because it gives me more sleep, but the first time is always a scary time.  Being the paranoia that I am, I freak out over practically everything. 

This Friday, he will be getting his second set of shots and I’m already worried that he will be crying so hard because of it.  We actually missed the original appointment, which was last Tuesday.  I forgot what date it was suppose to be and by the time I called, we had already missed it.  Oh, well.  I’m sure Nicholas doesn’t mind that. 

He has another new habit.  I have no idea where he picked it up from.  (Probably my parents, but I’m not really sure.)  He likes to make this one facial expression with his mouth.  It’s like.  Whenever he does that, he blows little bubbles with it, which gets really messy.  Sometimes, some milk will actually come out instead and it will just be a big mess.  He does it all the time now and we have to keep wiping his mouth.  I’m starting to think that it’s about time he puts on a bib.  

Oh, yeah.  From the last update, I told you about this new toy of his.  Well, he also has another favorite that you guys will see later in the pictures of the day.  It’s a little red, black, and white musical centipede.  He loves it.  He has even gone to sleep hugging it before.  It also seems to calm him down a lot when he crying.  The head of the centipede is where the music box is.  At the tail, there is a handle that you can pull and the music will play.  The centipede at this time will also stretch out.  As the music continues, the centipede will slowly shrink together until the music dies and the centipede is back to its original form.  The center of the body is hollow so Nicholas can hold it and also put it in his mouth.  It’s also has these very small legs and ears that will fit fine into Nicholas’ mouth.  

He’s growing really fast.  He’s starting to not fit into his 3-6 month clothes now and it’s about time to go shopping for bigger clothes for him now.  I also bought a few pairs of shoes for him the other day and for the first time yesterday, he was wearing shoes.  He fits right now into a size 2 but he’ll outgrow that pretty quickly.  It’s kind of like perfect fit right now, but there is this one pair of boots that I bought, which was size 2, that I just can’t seem to fit him into. It’s not that it’s too small because there is plenty of room to fit it in him but for some reason, his foot just doesn’t want to go in it.  There was a theory that maybe he has his toes crouched (???) up so his feet won’t go in, but I really don’t know.  I have to try it again.  The shoes looks really cute and I’m sure that it will look very cute on him but I have to put it in him first.

Well, there isn’t much else that I talk about right now.  He’s growing and slowly, we’re learning new things about him and as we do, we’ll inform you.