Nicholas and House Shopping

Well, Nicholas still cannot talk. He's getting there. He can now say a few more words. He can say "go" and "no" quite well. He has also learned to shake his head when he doesn't want something. From talking to people, I found out that most boys do not talk until they are about two so I'm not so worried about him not talking yet. He says a lot though, even though we can't understand him. He is also telling us a lot by his actions. For example, when a video that he's watching has ended and he wants to watch it again, he either starts pointing at the television set or hands us the remote control. We are trying to get him to talk more by telling him what things are like sit, chair, bed, milk, juice, and simple things like that. Hopefully, soon he will come up to me and say something like, "I want some milk, please!" I am really looking forward to that day. While, I wait, I will have to live with his "nai, nai" instead.

In the last update, I said that we were going to try giving him cups instead of the bottle. Well, we did try a few times, but have not had much success with him. He'll drink from his cups for a little while and then start pouring the liquid out of the cups onto the floor. He has this little Blue's Clue cup with a lid and a straw. He does better with that cup. He drinks the liquid through the straw and usually will not pour it out like he does with every thing else. We still haven't tried putting milk in it yet. I tried giving him milk from a cup, but he didn't seem to want it. He would not take it from him like he would with any other liquid I put in the cup. I don't know why. Maybe because of the way it looks. Oh well, we're still trying to move him off the milk bottles and into cups. Another thing that we are trying to do is not give him too much milk right before he goes to sleep because that's not good for his teeth. Speaking of teeth, we are also trying to teach him how to brush his teeth in the bathtub. He likes sticking the toothbrush into his mouth, but he doesn't seem to want to brush with it. I have tried many times to ask him to open his mouth and allow me to brush his teeth for him, but he refuses every time. I have had a few successes at getting a little of his teeth. He also likes putting a little toothpaste on the toothbrush. At least he's getting some toothpaste into his mouth. I'm sure he'll soon start brushing his teeth if we keep this up.

Speaking of teeth, he has grown a few more of them lately. I think he now has about ten teeth, at least. Still not a full set, but getting there. His gums have been itching lately because every time I pick him up, he's sinking his teeth into my shoulders. He's not doing it too hard so it really doesn't hurt, but by the time he's done, my shoulder is all wet.

Another new development about Nicholas is that he loves to eat bananas. We usually get about one banana a day. We usually will cut it in half and give him half of a banana at once. He will try to stuff the whole thing into his mouth all at once. Then after he realizes that he can't, he will start taking big bites out of it. He's really cute when he's trying to eat the banana. As he gets towards the end of it, he'll stuff the rest of it in his mouth. I would say about one and ½ inch in height. Imagine the little one's mouth stuffed with a banana in it. It's the cutest thing in the world. There's a picture of him with a banana stuffed into his mouth on this month's pictures. He's just so adorable. Actually, I think there are a few of them with the banana in his mouth. Michael thought that it was cute so he had to take pictures of him.

Let's see… Umm… Oh, yeah. We have put a bid on a home already. I think we are supposed to find out the results today. The house is on the same street of my brother's house and is in a pretty nice neighborhood. It's a three-bedroom house. It has a living room and a family room. The previous owner has replaced all the carpets, tiles, and repainted all the shelves and walls before he put the house on the market. It's quite a catch. Right after we placed the bid on the house, someone else also placed a bid on the house. To my surprise, I know the person. It's one of my friends. I haven't talked to her yet, but after the results, I think I will call her and see how much she bid. I really would like to get this house, but if we don't, we will continue to look for another one.

Well, I didn't get to finish this update yesterday so I can tell you now that we didn't get the house. I guess someone bid more than full price for the home. It was someone else besides my friend. Oh, well, next.

Well, this weekend, we might be going to the Sacramento zoo again. I am not too sure if Michael is going to come with us because I think him and John might be golfing instead. If Michael doesn't go with us, I will remember to take a lot of pictures of Nicholas at the zoo. I think he will really enjoy himself there. He did the last time we went. I saw from the website that we have not been putting up too many pictures of Nicholas for the month of February and March. I will try to take more pictures of the little one, especially now since the weather here is so great. I think we can go out more and maybe to the park. I know Nicholas will really like that.

This is about all I have to say. We will try to keep everyone informed about our house seeking and when we will find a house to move into. Have fun out there in the nice weather!