Well, he's still the same little boy that I remember. He has developed a few bad habits though, that we would like him to get rid of somehow. One of them is the fussy temper that he makes when he doesn't get something he wants. For example, if he wants to be held, but we don't want to hold him at that moment, he would start crying really loud and now matter where he was, fall back and usually would hit his hand on the floor. Of course, then, he would cry a lot more because the bang on the head would hurt. He's done this quite a few times on tiled floors. He just doesn't seem to pay attention to what type of floor he's standing on and will just drop straight backwards. This little bad habit of his really scares me because I'm just not too sure how much of it his head can take. He won't listen when we tell him not to do that. We don't want to spoil him either by giving him everything he wants. Another thing that has changed is his willingness to give things up. Before, if you just stick out your hands and ask him for it, he would immediately give it to you. But now, he would say "no" and then run away from you. Then, if you take it by force from him, he would put on his little temper tantrum. I mean, if he's walking around with a Q-tip in his ears, wouldn't you want that away from him. Well, he thinks it's cute and won't give it up without a good fight. If you stay persistent and keep asking him for it and corner him, he will eventually give it up. It takes a lot of patience with this little one nowadays. I will look on the bright side that he knows how to say "no" when he doesn't want to do something or doesn't want to give up something. He will start running away from you saying "no, no, no". It really looks cute, if I really think about it. Just the part of not giving things up is not so cute. At first, I though that Michael and I were the only ones to notice these changes, but amazingly, my parents also noticed these sudden changes also. He's a lot more whinny now and cries a lot more.

Oh, I just remember the incident where we took him to take Christmas pictures. Lesson learned: never take him anywhere around 1 - 3 when it's his naptime. We had scheduled an appointment to take Christmas picture at 1:45 and on the way there, he fell asleep. He woke up when we got there but he would not take pictures. It was amazing that we were able to pull off the Christmas card picture but we never finished the rest of them. We were able to get 3 of the 6 poses needed for the package. He just would not sit on our lap or on any type of platform. He was fine when we took him outside and went shopping. (We were at Wal-Mart.) And I thought I was stubborn. He's worse than two of me! He refused to take any pictures. You put him on a platform; he'll immediately climbs off no matter how high the platform was. You put him on your lap, he'll immediately starts twisting and turning to get off your lap. Nothing worked with him. Not even giving him a Barney toy. The photographers tried everything, but nothing would please him. He didn't want to take any pictures. Simple as that. We gave up after 30 minutes or so and had to go with whatever shots we were able to get. We didn't get any single picture of him at all. I will attempt it again this weekend with him but at a different studio. I just hope he will behave himself a bit more and be a little more willing to take pictures. Hopefully, he will be good and we will be able to get some single pictures of him in time for Christmas.

Well, he's growing along nicely. He can now say a few more words than a month ago. You guys can tell, he can say "no" by now. He can also say a few words in Chinese if he wants to. He can do the blow kiss if he feels like it. Nowadays, everything has to be "if he feels like it." I mean, sometimes, you just wish he would say bye-bye to people but he won't do it until we get into the car. He has six teeth now and sure loves to chew on stuff, especially sweet stuff. He has being at my work place a few times now and I have a lot of candy at work. Every time he goes there, he'll look for the lollipops sitting around and start sucking on it with the wrapper still on. Eventually, he will be able to suck through the wrapper and get to the sweet candy. Oh, by then, he will not want to give the candy back to you. He'll start a fit if you take it away from him. He always tries to climb on my chair to get to the computer. He's just a big handful.

We had a great Thanksgiving Day. We went to Irene's house for turkey and then had more turkey that weekend. We did get our share of rest. We did a lot of catching up on sleep and cleaning the house. Michael forgot to put up the Christmas light so he'll probably be doing that this weekend. For Christmas, we will probably be visiting Michael father and stepmother in Oregon. I just hope that Nicholas will be okay with the six-hour drive there and back. He's very active now and I am not sure that he will like sitting in a car for six-hours straight. Well, we'll see.

This is about all I have to say this month. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and we wish everyone will have a great Christmas also. If I don't put up another update before Christmas, we just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.