The House and Nicholas

Let's see. The house. Well, we are looking at Wednesday to finalize everything for the house. We were planning on a big move for this Saturday, but I'm not sure if that will still stay true or not since we won't get the house until at least Wednesday (that is if everything goes through smoothly.) Michael is thinking about moving it to next weekend instead. Things are just getting to cramp right now.

Well, me. This is really bad timing. We are just about to get a new house and my job is in jeopardy. I have no idea when it will be, but I am guessing that I will be laid off pretty soon. Right now, the company that I work for is in some trouble getting work and the market right now is not all that great so trying to find another job is getting a bit difficult. I just hope that I wont' get laid off because to lose my income would be a great impact on the family financially.

Enough about me. Now for Nicholas. He's getting more naughty as he grows. Like yesterday, I had to run after him to avoid him from running out into the streets. He was at my parents' house and I just turned away for a split second and the kid was running towards my cousin's house and towards the streets. I ran after him and stopped him. I scolded him for doing that and told him never to do it again. Of course, he didn't listen. He gave me a cute look again, like usually, but this time, I didn't buy into it. I hit his little hands to teach him not to go out there. He tried to hit me back because he was upset with me not allowing him to go any further. So I grabbed his hands and hit them again. He started crying and I carried him back into my parents' house. He was very upset with that because he wanted to go outside, but I was punishing him for running out in the first place. Once he calmed down, he wanted a soda cup filled with lemonade. I gave it to him with the lid on, but he wanted to take the lid off and start pouring it all over. I stopped him and instead gave him a little cut with some lemonade in it. He didn't want it and started getting upset because he couldn't have the soda cup. He's just too spoiled. (I know it's mainly my fault) If he doesn't get anything, he will start crying and eventually someone will give it to him (usually either me or one of my family members). But this time, I was determined not to give in and I ended up winning the battle. He was so tired after crying for so long, he fell asleep. It's really hard to discipline him, especially when he's at my parents' house because if he cries, someone will pick him up. Karen did that yesterday after I said that she was not allowed to pick him up because he needed to learn that he did something wrong. She still went ahead and picked him up. Well, she ended up been lectured by me. After that, she immediately let him go and he started coming towards me again, but I just let him be. He needed to learn that running out into the streets was not something that he should be doing at all. My parents' are going to fence up the front of their house to block him from running out there. Out of all the grandkids there, he's the only one who runs out towards the street. Maybe because he's a boy. I really don't know.

Of course, there is always the cute side to this boy. Last night, he climbed onto the bed and threw all the pillows off the bed. After that, he took the comforters off the bed and just started jumping up and down on the bed. He was so happy. Even when he's bad, he's just so cute. He makes these sad faces that are so cute that you can't be mad at him for long at all. He has learned how to climb in and out of his crib. For some reason, he just loves to scare the heck out of the both of us. I mean, out of all the sides of the crib to climb up, he will always pick the highest side. Maybe he does it on purpose to get back at us for punishing him. It's also the side where the television is so if he ever falls, he would hit the television and the shelf that the television is sitting on. I mean, we have lower the front of the crib and there's also a box that he can use as a stepping stool. But he doesn't ever go in that way. I guess it's not challenging enough or something. I'm just glad that he does climb out from the front of the crib. When he first started doing this, I freaked out every time. I always wanted to just catch him and put him into his crib instead of allow him to climb in, but I knew that he needed to learn the hard way. I mean that's how we learn. That's why failure is the key to success.