Off track

The kids are off track now until June 1st.  Today, I am home with them waiting for my contract extension to go through before I can go back to work. 

Zachary does not seem to be feeling so well.  He been sleeping ever since we got home from school so that's like almost 4 hours.  I've tried waking him up, but he doesn't seem to want to wake up.  I'm afraid that if he doesn't get up soon, he's not going to sleep at all tonight.  But he has a fever right now so maybe sleep is the best thing for him.  He claims that his "brain" hurts. 

Nicholas is doing well.  He just finished cleaning his room (took him 4 hours to clean it).  His birthday party will be coming up in about a month or so.  Amazing where time goes.  Nicholas is going to be 10 years old in one month.  I can't believe he's that old already.  Next thing you know, he'll be off to college.

Mackenzie is okay.  She's learning a lot and saying a lot, but just like Nicholas and Zachary when they were little, she hates to eat.  Feeding her is a work-out every time.  When she doesn't want to eat, I have to put her in the corner, listen to her key for a few minutes and then ask her again if she wants to eat.  Hopefully, she'll give in and open her mouth.  If not, then we have to repeat the cycle again until she is willing to eat.  After a few bites, she might refuse again and we'll be at it again.  As for her speech, she is very good at talking.  She can comprehend a lot of things and can have a pretty long conversation with you if you are willing to sit there and listen to her.  She's also picking up on everything people say.  If it's something she wants to learn, she'll repeat it and pick up the word.  Yesterday, we passed by a manufacturing plant and she saw smoke coming out of the chimney.  She was calling it a volcano and that the volcano was going "ka-boom."

Michael and I are both doing well.  I was waiting for my contract to be singed, but I just got notified that it's been signed so I can go back to work tomorrow.  Oh well, I guess my long weekend is over.

This coming Sunday is Mother's Day.  We would like to wish all the mothers we know a "Wonderful and pleasant Mother's Day!"