School update and Mackenzie

Zachary and Nicholas have being in school for about 1 1/2 months now and it has been crazy around here.  Nicholas is now in the third grade and things work a little differently.  He no longer has homework once a week where all of it is due on Fridays.  His homework is now a daily thing and he has to turn it in the very next day.  It has been somewhat challenging making sure that he does all his homework each day.  Before, when it was once a week, it was okay to miss a day here or there when something came up during the week, but now, no matter what we're doing, we have to make sure that his homework is done on time.  And his homework takes much more time  to complete now than it did in the second grade. Plus Zachary has homework also. Zachary's is not as urgent because he does have the whole week to finish his and they don't take that long.

Zachary has learned how to write his name and all the alphabets.  They aren't straight and pretty, but they are legible.  He is going pretty well in school.  He was having some problems with paying attention but we have been working on that and he's gotten much better at it.  He seems to like school and is picking up on things very quickly.  He got his first book order last week and he was very excited to show them to us.  He calls it his "free" books.  Yeah, it's free because he didn't have to do anything and got to bring books home.  He took an assessment test two weeks into school and his teacher said that he's quite ahead of his class because he knows how to recognize most of the alphabets and he can count all the way to 15 without any problems. 

Mackenzie is starting to crawl.  She also can sit herself up from a laying down position.  She would first get herself onto her legs and knees and from there sit up.  She loves to stand too.  She can pull herself up in the crib or when holding onto something like the coffee table.  I think in a few more weeks, she'll be extremely mobile.  She's also getting very curious in her walker.  If she's in the kitchen and you open the refrigerator, she'll come flying so that she can get her hands on the inside of the frig.  She's also likes to lock people inside the pantry.  She'll try to get in with you, but instead, she'll push it closed and stand guard outside for a few minutes hoping that you will open the door for her to get in.