Smaller update

Okay, I’m getting lazier by the minute.  I just looked at the website and noticed that I have not written an update in over three months.  Well, let’s see.  What’s new?


Zachary has become a little rascal.  He is learning how to get into everything such as our cabinets and shelves.  Since we are going to be moving soon, we did not take the time to baby-proof the house.  He loves to get a hold of the pots and pans and bang on them in the kitchen.  He is also starting to learn how to climb up things such as our bed and his crib.  He’s not at the point where he can climb out of this crib yet, but he’s trying pretty hard.  He also likes to lift himself up on the edge of the cabinets and grab whatever is on the edge of the counters.  He also knows how to put on a temper tantrum.  He’s infamous for felling down onto the floor and start kicking all over when he doesn’t get what he wants.  He also very smart where to fall down.  He has “learned” from experience, not to drop himself on cement, vinyl, or tiled areas.  He continues the temper tantrum until someone goes to pick him up or until he can find someone to


The house is coming by really well.  If you have not seen the latest pictures, you should go see them now.  From the pictures, you can tell that the house is pretty much complete.  We also already have a walk-thru date set for December 11th and December 18th.  If everything goes well, we should be able to get the keys to the house on the 18th of December.  With the builder that we have, we could not lock on our interest rate until we got a walk-thru date.  Well, now that we already have one, I still have not locked on our interest rate yet.  Right now, we are sitting on 5.75% as our interest rate, but since the bond market has been doing so well, I am waiting for the best rate.  I just can’t wait until the 18th of December.  It’s would be exactly one week before Christmas and this is thus far, the best Christmas present I’ve ever received.


Nicholas.  He’s growing.  We are trying to prepare him for kindergarten by teaching him how to say his entire name.  We are also trying to teach him the alphabets and numbers (both English and Cantonese).  He likes to draw and write so we have been trying to give him some paper and pencil to write with.  We would write his name and other words on the paper for him to follow.  He’s pretty good at it.  I mean, it’s still a bit sloppy, but you can’t expect too much from a 4-year-old.  He also has been learning a lot by watching educational cartoon such as Dora, the Explorer.