Yes, the part came in, the repair man came, and the gas man came. We can now use our stove and dryer!!! The only problem with this is that I have to come up with another excuse for going out to dinner. 

Don and Ron came home Friday afternoon tired and with stories and pictures of their last week at the dig. There was a special dinner Thursday evening, some of the volunteers celebrated all night and into the morning. Friday morning there were 15 people missing from the dig, and many who did make it were hung over. This made for an interesting day. 

Even though I came back early, I got a certificate for having worked at the dig, it's my proof that I really did it. Here are some of the pictures:

#1 The Glass factory, I spent most of my time here. 

#2 Washing shards in front of the glass factory. 

#3 There was a dog hanging around the dig who liked to steal people's gloves. 

#4 The restroom facilities at the dig, another reason to spend my time at the glass factory.