The Sirens Call

Yesterday afternoon we heard sirens, many sirens, All of a sudden the city was a concert. Sirens seemed to be all over the city, it was hard to tell from what directions the sounds were coming, because they were bouncing, and echoing off the sides of the valleys that surround the city. We went out onto the balcony and saw a fire engine, police cars, and many ambulances speeding up Mount Zion toward the Temple Mount and the Western wall. Dark smoke started curling up from somewhere around the Temple Mount. Something big was happening.

By that time, our neighbors next door were hanging out their window with binoculars. Their son is a news photographer and was in the area of the trouble. They contacted him on a cell phone, gave us reports on what was happening, and discussed with their son the best way to get out of the area. Their son got a ride in a mail truck and was not hurt, but a photographer that he was working with got hit in the face with a brick, she didn't get her helmet on fast enough.

Over 30 ambulances went up our side of the hill and I'm sure they were going up the other side too. The road became empty of regular traffic, only ambulances and official vehicles were going up. Ambulances, an occasional tour bus, and groups of people (walking) came down the hill. After an hour or more, the city became quiet and the smoke was gone. It was over.

Just so you'll know that we are fine............