There is a nice little beauty shop about 5 minutes from our apartment so I thought I would try it.  The guys in the shop looked like they would understand what I wanted,   I even took a picture to show them.  Either he didn’t understand or he just ignored me, because I now have the shortest hair cut I have ever had.  Just call me Butch!!!  Don thought I made a mistake and went into a barber shop. least my hair grows fast.

Sunday the field study started with walking through the Old City, and lasted all morning.  We saw parts of the Broad Wall as mentioned in Nehemiah 3:8,  and foundation from a home that was destroyed in order to build that wall.   We also saw and walked on steps which are the original steps from the temple.    It’s amazing to think of all that happened there and who must have stood on those steps before us.

In the afternoon we took a bus to Bethlehem  and  saw some of the area surrounding the city. Outside of Bethlehem King Herod built a mountain palace fortress.   We climbed the mountain and saw the remains of Herod’s fortress. Very interesting. In Bethlehem a church has been built where Jesus was supposed to have been born, there are a lot of theories,  but there is no real evidence of the exact place of His birth.   We walked through that church. This area had lots of tour busses,  tourists and tourist shops.

To get to Bethlehem  we must go through a check point (Bethlehem is now in a Palestine area)  but our bus was not stopped going or coming back. Also during this trip we went past the place where the Israelites are building a settlement and the Palestinians are objecting to it, this is the place that you have heard about in the news.

I know how to make it rain in Jerusalem........ plan a field study.   Yes, it rained on us all day Sunday.   It rained yesterday too, but today was sunny and wonderful.  Everyone is happy about the winter and spring rains here, rain is always welcome. This  seems to be a good year.

More later.................