On to Greece

Tomorrow we leave for Greece. Our flight leaves early in the morning on Friday from Tel Aviv. Because it might be hard to get a sharoot (taxi) at 2:00am Friday morning, we decided to go to Tel Aviv Thursday night, check our luggage, and then wait for our flight in the airport. Jan, maybe we will find a candy or cigar case to sleep in (if you haven't heard that story, ask Jan). Six days will be spent in Rhoads and then on the way back we will stop in Athens for three days. I've never been to Greece and am very excited about this trip.  

Oh, by the way, my hair has been growing out and was looking awful. The part I like to be short was getting long and the part I like to be longer was still too short. I needed a shaping. I was told about a shop near The King David Hotel but couldn't find it.

There are a couple of shops around there and I kept walking past them trying to decide if I was ready to risk an other try. "Do you speak English?", just going in and asking the question was a start.

They spoke English and seemed to understand what I wanted so I went for it. GOOD JOB, GOOD CUT!!! Now I know where to go, he got a big tip.

Off to do laundry and pack.....................

Talk to you in 10 days...................