As he was leaving for school this morning, a soldier asked Don to let him onto the roof,  and  so  Don unlocked the roof door and let him go up.   He said that he would be up there until 6:00pm.  We have no idea why he is there, but I guess it’s OK.   Maybe I should see if he would like a sandwich, all he was carrying was a bottle of soda and a very large gun, an AR16, Don said.

I had another bus adventure, well maybe I should say mishap.  After showing the driver my  pass, I was walking down the isle and putting my pass back into my purse.  The bus lurched forward,  and I fell face down into the lap of a woman.    Fortunately the woman was fat, so I landed in a nice soft spot.   I struggled to my feet and apologized  while she straightened her dress.  She didn’t seem to understand English, but I think she knew that I was apologizing because she made a signal with her hand as if to say “It’s OK!”  I hope that’s what her hand movements meant.

The four day field study to Galilee was exhausting.  Dr. Write pushes us to the limit,  I know that this class is sort of an over view and he is trying to expose us to many places, but we would visit so many places in a day that I had trouble remembering which was what.  Good thing I don’t have to take a test  like the others or I would fail miserably.

One of the things that stands out about this trip is the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.  It was a beautiful day,  and the boat man told us about casting nets and gave us a demonstration on how to use them.  The  evening before  we left, we had a camp fire on the beach, sang songs and roasted marshmallows.    I guess they were marshmallows, they were called marshmallows, they caught on fire like marshmallows,  they tasted almost like marshmallows, but they looked strange.    Any way,  we had a good time.

At one of the antiquity sites  Dr. Write was giving his lecture while we grouped around him sitting on the rocks.   Something was crawling on my arm,  I screamed and knocked it off.  The boy in back of me had put a worm on my arm.  It was about 6 inches long and had many  legs,  maybe a centipede.  After the lecture, he (the boy not the centipede) apologized.   I said  “That’s OK, now I have something to write home about”.

On the last day of this field study,  we stopped at a hot spring.    The water flowed into three large pools.  SWIM TIME !!!

There were rocks that hung over one of the pools and the students were diving and jumping off of the rocks into the water.  Don and I decided to join in the fun.   As we began to climbed up the rock, the students cheered and ran for their cameras.    Don dived in first, and as they were all chanting  Ber—nice,   Ber—nice,   I leaped into the air and fell into the deliciously warm water.    It was refreshing to spend some time playing at the end of this very busy day.

The bus went right by the diamond factory in Tuberous but, didn’t stop.   Oh well ........

The next two days after this field study was spent recovering.  I was completely worn out,  that’s why I didn’t write,  too tired to think.

More later.............Shalom ..........Bernice