Last Saturday afternoon we lost the ability to send or receive email, that is why you haven't heard from us in a while. It seems that the conflict has moved into cyberspace and our provider got sabotaged. I just about went crazy not being able to send or receive for almost a week, email is my life line and I really missed it. Now I will be playing catch up, answering all the mail that came in. I tried to get the word out and hope you weren't worried about us.

The weather has cooled off a great deal and we have been having rain. I find that with the weather cooler, I walk rather than take the bus when I can, it's so nice out.

Last Sunday (here Sunday is like Monday in the US) my friend Nurit and I went to the silver class. This class is more like an open studio, we all make what ever we want, and the teacher helps us when we need it, I like it this way. There are 4 students and the teacher, but not much room to move around, the studio is small. In spite of the small amount of space, the studio is well equipped, I NOW HAVE THE USE OF A TORCH !!! I'm so excited !! The ladies and teacher are all very nice, they don't speak much English, and I don't speak much Hebrew, but we somehow make ourselves understood. When I use one of the few words I know, they all congratulate me and let me know I'm doing fine. This studio is just around the corner a little over a block away, I'm looking forward very much to next Sunday's class.

More later............