Bad Boys

Yesterday evening was our scheduled time to do patrol. For those who may not know, we are volunteers with the Jerusalem Police. Our duties consist of patrolling the neighborhood with an armed member of the police for a few hours once a month, also wearing police vests, carrying a police mobile phone, and carrying a flash light. The police man/men are armed and speak English. We get briefed each time we go so that we know who or what to look for. So far our patrol has been walking the neighborhood and one time we walked the mall (If I had known that we were going to the mall, I would have taken money!!). Last night I was tired and was not looking forward to walking in the chilly night air for two hours, but since I'm a good sport, I went anyway. I was delightfully surprised to find that we would be riding in a police car. Off we went, Don in the front seat with one officer, me in the back seat with the other one, and the blue light flashing (police cars here always have their blue lights flashing). Fun.........I feel so important............bad guys look out. I was going to sing "Bad boys, bad boys, what ya goona do when they come for you? Bad boys!", but decided that wasn't a good idea. We covered a lot of areas that we don't when we are walking. All was bad guys............not much on the police radio............the word must have gotten out about us being on patrol............we scared them off. Oh, I forgot to tell you, there is a seat belt law here but as police officers we didn't have to wear them, we may have to jump out of the car and chase some one.

Santa Clause came. Don bought some new bells and whistles for his digital camera. I think he was feeling guilty about the cost because he announced that this would be his Christmas present.

I don't know what we will be doing for Thanksgiving, it's not a holiday here but the school is calling it Reading Week, no classes. I have not seen turkeys in the store, there may be ground turkey but I'm not sure, can't read the labels. Maybe we will go out for dinner, how are you spending Thanksgiving?

Have a great Thanksgiving.