Don had found a package of 3 turkey legs and I was going to fix them for Thanksgiving but the school librarian invited us, and a few others, over for Thanksgiving dinner. Even though I was a little buzzed on pills, I had a great time. The turkey legs will be our "left overs".

Pills?? Why am I taking pills?? This cold wasn't going away and so Monday I went to the doctor. He told me that I have Bronchitis, a sinus infection, and a raw hamburger throat. No wonder I wasn't feeling well, now I have a good excuse for laying around. I left his office with a hand full of prescriptions to fill and trotted straight off to the pharmacy. The doctor said that I would not be contagious by Thursday and it was OK to go out for dinner. I missed the drawing class but will be just fine tomorrow for the silver class.

This is reading week and there are no classes at JUC. Don has been hogging the computer doing papers, but I beat him to the computer this morning and I'm not getting up off this chair until I'm done. He was pacing around for a while but finely decided to study Hebrew until the computer is free.

I heard this on CNN.........really I did!! "Gore wants to put off the ballot count for 9 months so the pregnant chads have time to give berth" We all know that CNN is completely accurate in its reporting, so it must be true. How about this election? It's all over the news here and people keep asking what we think about it. I told Don to give me a sleeping pill and then wake me up when we know who our new president will be. I'm getting tired of this.