It's Your Fault

You've seen Indian women with a red spot between their eyebrows, Well I have a red spot on the end of my nose. You don't want to here the whole long story, so I'll just say.......... I said, "Ouch you bumped my nose!" Don said, "It's your fault, you were too close." Me, "No it's your fault, you shouldn't have pulled that drawer out so fast." Don, "It's your fault, you are the one who was trying to invent a new way to tumble silver." Me, "It's your fault, you brought me to Israel where I don't have a decent tumbler." Don, "It's your fault, you married me." Me, "It's Sonny and Carol's fault, they arranged the blind date." We both agreed that the sore on the end of my nose was Sonny and Carol's fault............. OK, I used a little artistic license in telling this story...........but as I said before, you don't want to hear the whole long story. Carol and Sonny, where ever you are, it's your fault.