Trip to the Post Office

A notice was in our mail box telling us that we have a package. (Packages aren't delivered to your home, the post office notifies you, and then you must go pick it up) "Oh, good !! The book I ordered from B&N has arrived, I'll walk down and pick it up!!" Don said that if I was going to the post office anyway, I might as well pay a bill too. (Utility bills are paid at the post office, you may not mail them in.) I walked the distance, a little over a mile, to the post office, it had just opened for it's afternoon hours and there was already a line. I joined the line and waited with the others.

Across the room I saw a large round bottom covered with a very nice tan knit skirt and two legs extending from the skirt to the floor. No upper body, no head??? Now I see, the upper body and head are in a large cardboard box. A women was up to her arm pits digging around in the box, pulling things out and dropping them on the floor. Beside her a well dressed elderly man was standing, he was nervously fumbling with a lighter and a pack of cigarettes, but not smoking. His expression said, I wish I wasn't here. After making a little pile of clothes on the floor, the woman struggled to pick up the box, carried it over to the counter and hefted it up onto the scales. The man made no move to help her. After checking the scales, she slid the box off of the scales and counter, lugged it back and set it on the floor again. And again she was leaning into the box, seemingly pulling things from the bottom of the box and adding them to the pile she had started on the floor, and again she lugged the box to the scales, and again she pulled the box off of the scales and lugged it back.

By the time I had reached the front of the line, and conducted my business, she had gone through this processes at least five times. When I left the post office, the pile of clothes on the floor was half as high as the box and she was still digging around in the box. Who knows, she may still be trying to get it right!!!