Helping Hands

Don and I spent a few days at "Don's dig" helping Eli last week. Because of changes at the dig site, Eli has set up his office in a little stone building in front of the entrance of the Gihon Spring. At the spring there is a large square and all around the square are Arab homes. School let out and a bunch of children came into the square. The boys wanted to help Don, but I only had one little girl to help me, notice the little guys rolling up their sleeves so that they can get there hands into those buckets of water.

Don and I have become a tourist attraction. Tourist groups come down to the spring, and instead of listening to their tour guide give his little talk, they are taking pictures of the two Americans washing pot shards. Our pictures will be in homes all over the world, so if your friends are showing you pictures of their trip to Israel, don't be surprised to see Don and I in some of them. They ask us about what we are doing and how we got to be volunteers, "Can anyone do this?" We tell them "No, you have to have special connections to be allowed to work all day for no pay".