The strike must be over because the dumpsters and trash containers have been emptied, campaign signs have been removed and the streets are clean again. Just thought you would like to know.

Classes have started again. I am auditing a class called "Midrash, Art and the Bible Text" and because Don had a hole in his schedule, he is taking the class with me. The first day we had a home work assignment which involved making a mosaic or sculpture from stuff around the house (recycling), and then writing a paper. Immediately my brain went into high gear and I couldn't wait to get started on my "sculpture", I finished it that day (actually, I made a minor change the next morning). Don took longer to decide what he wanted to do but came up with a great idea. The class's sculptures and mosaics are now on exhibit at the school. I volunteered to be the photographer and will be taking pictures of the display. Fun class!! Great teacher!!

Dr. DeWall the school president, is retiring, he and his wife are going to leave for Portland Oregon in the next week. Dr Wright will be taking Dr. DeWall's place until another president is chosen.