My Coin

I was in the Oasis (school store) while one of the staff was replenishing the register. He found a coin and started to throw it into the trash, "Thirty years old and not worth anything anymore". "Can I have it?" I said. It is silver and about the size of a silver dollar, has a boat and a menorah on one side and "10 sheqalim" on the other side. Oh goodie, I'll make a piece of jewelry with it, I thought. After class I did some shopping on the way home. "Oh no! I can't find my worthless coin!" It wasn't in my pocket or purse, I must have spent my worthless coin !!!! That evening I told Don about my worthless coin and how I couldn't find it and must have spent hoo.....I wanted it. He reached into his pocket, "Remember you gave me a handful of change before you left for shopping?" We checked the change in his pocket and there it was!! I now have my worthless coin and am deciding how to make a piece of jewelry with it.

Dr. DeWall, (school president) is retiring and there was a reception for him. Don took the camera and among the other pictures, he caught me, at the end of the evening, collapsed on the couch. What is my hand doing up like that? I don't know.........maybe I am already going into a fetal position for my night's sleep. (No, I didn't make the amber and silver jewelry I am wearing, I bought it here soon after we came.) I should have wrenched the camera out of his hands and taken his picture, he has lost weight and was looking real good in his suit. I don't see him in a suit much anymore.