Trash and Shopping

Trash piled around dumpsters and trash cans, papers and plastic bags bouncing and tumbling in the wind, piles of mushy pulp from papers which have been treaded upon after having been soaked by rain, lay in the street and on the sidewalks. We step on it and around it. Plastic election banners are attached to walls and fences, some ripped off by the wind, or maybe the opposing side, are in soaked heaps or rolling down the street with the wind. The trash men have been on strike and today is election day.

Like Old Mother Hubbard our cupboards are bare, Don and I are going to the big supermarket to get supplies. Every three or four weeks we go to this market and load up on things like laundry soap, TP and soda, in-between we go to the "ditch" store to replenish perishables. On the way we stopped at the bank........woops........the bank is closed on election day. I need Don's help when we do this because although we have the groceries delivered, we must take the frozen and refrigerator things home with us. The heavy cart is hard to drag up the steps of the bus, maneuver down the narrow isle and then lift down the steps when we get off the bus.

Well............I'm glad we got that taken care shopping is not my favorite activity.