Switching over

Well, I wasn't planning on switching over quite yet. But here is the new site. I am still updating things and it will be quite awhile before I am caught up. 

Viewing pictures will be easier (I hope) and that is what the majority of the site is. I literally still have tens of thousands of pictures to go through. But all the old stuff has been converted over and should be easier to browse. Have fun.


Pictures of Nicholas
Pictures of Zachary
Pictures of Mackenzie
Pictures of Mackenzie's broken arm
Chinese New Years Pictures
Sinh's birthday pictures
Suzanne's birthday pictures
Erik's birthday pictures
Father's Day pictures
Folsom Lake pictures
Discovery Kingdom pictures
July 4th pictures
State Fair pictures
Oregon Trip pictures
Irene's Retirement Party pictures
Yosemite Pictures
Alex's birthday pictures
Catheryne's birthday pictures
Halloween pictures
Pumpkin cutting pictures

  • Added pictures from Alex's birthday

  • Added pictures from Halloween and the pumpkin patch

  • Added pictures from the China trip (very long)

  • Added pictures from Christmas and all the gathering around then

  • Added pictures from Mackenzie's 3rd birthday

  • Added pictures to the kid's January gallery

  • Added pictures from Kalya's 10th birthday

  • Added pictures from Suzanne's 40th birthday

Added pictures to Mackenzie's, Nicholas', and Zachary's gallery

Added pictures from Nicholas' 10th birthday party

Added pictures for Zachary's 7th birthday party

Added pictures for bowling with the kids

Added pictures for a family gather with May Lai

Added pictures for Father's Day celebration

Added pictures for Carla's big 30 celebration

Added pictures for Monterey summer trip

Add pictures for July 4th celebration

Add pictures for Jenny's farewell party

Added new family journal

Added pictures to Mackenzie's, Nicholas', and Zachary's gallery

Added family pictures from Sears

Added pictures for Brendan's and Jeremy's 2nd birthday

Added pictures for the boys' Open House

Added pictures for Easter

Added pictures for Uncle Ron and Aunt Thelma's 50th wedding anniversary

Added pictures for my 33rd birthday dinner celebration

Added two family journals

Added pictures to Mackenzie's, Nicholas', and Zachary's gallery

Added some Cabo pictures that were missed during the last update

Added pictures to Mackenzie's 2nd birthday

Added pictures for Karen's 30th birthday

Added pictures to Catheryne when she came down in January

Added pictures for Christmas 2008

Added family pictures from 2008

Added pictures for Chinese New Year 2009

After four months of not updating anything, there are a ton of pictures of everything. 

Right after the last update, we went to the State Fair.

Nicholas and Zachary went on their first camping trip in September.

I went to Kathryn's bachelorette party with the girls in San Francisco

We had a bridal shower party at our house for Kathryn in October.

Of course, there's always Halloween.

We went to Cabo in November.

And like usually, there are updated pictures of all three kids and family journals I wrote during this time.

Finally, I added some recent picture of two nephews, Jake and Calvin.

Nearly 1000 new pictures of Nichoals' and Zachary's birthdays along with new pictures in their galleries. Mackenzie has lots of new pictures in her gallery,  too.

 There are two new occasions, the 4th of July and a trip to the San Francisco zoo.

Some modifications to the look of the site.

Happy New Year.  This is one of the bigger updates:

Added January pictures for Mackenzie

Added January pictures for Nicholas

Added January pictures for Zachary

Added more pictures that Zachary took

Added pictures from Mackenzie's first birthday

Finally added last Thanksgivings pictures when Leslie, Tom, their son, Lauren, and Midge all came to California for one night of fun.

Added Christmas pictures from last year

Added the family pictures we took from last year

Added a few family journals that I wrote last year to today

Zachary turned 5 and has birthday pictures out. He also has some of his own pictures out. And all of the kids have new pictures for August out.

Rich and Carla's two sons have new pictures on the twin's gallery. Catheryne has a few new pictures also. And finally there are three new pictures of my wife.

Added Rich's journals from March

Added Nicholas' February page.

Added Zachary's February page

Added Mackenzie's March page.

Added Boy's Snow Trip page.

Added Chinese New Years page.

Added Egg and Ginger dinner page.

Added a new family update

Reorganized the occasions so that it goes by years.