CIHost lost it's domain servers for the last couple of days. This prevented anyone from reaching the site via the site name ( While the site was still accessible via the numeric address, I don't think that very many people know it. Thus, I did not update the site while CIHost's domain servers were down. 

CIHost has apologized for this problem but as some of you may know, it isn't the first time that I have had trouble with them. However, I have no plans to leave them in the immediate future. When we buy a house, I will get a DSL line installed and keep my own web server at home. While this may add to some problems since I will have to get up to speed on maintaining my own web server, eventually, I feel that the problems will be a thing of the past.

In the mean time, I have fallen behind in the pictures and will put one or two extra out each night until I am caught up.