2007 Update

Holy smokes.  It seems that I don't like updating my own page much.  The last time I updated this page was probably in 2001.  Well, I don't work for Practical Consulting Group anymore.  I was laid off because the company folded.  Teaches me not to work for a start up company again.  I went unemployed for a month of so and found a job as a contract to hire with TASQ Technology.  And there I stayed for 6 years.  And now, I'm off onto my newest adventure working as a consultant for Logic House with the client being CalPERS.  Yeah, I guess you can say I work with Michael.  Come back in a few months and ask me then if I like my job.  Right now, it's too early to tell.

Of course, most of you all know that we just had our third child.  And yes, I finally got that little girl I've been wanting for so long.  After giving birth to Mackenzie, I took quite some time off from work and it was fun.  I enjoyed staying at home and doing nothing and not worrying about how to put out the next blazing fire at work.  I liked it so much that I thought about not going to back to work, but that would mean selling our house and move into a smaller one.  Michael can't support us all by himself.  Also, I just hate sitting around and providing no contribution whatsoever.   Finally, you just never know about the future.  If for some really really bad unforeseen reason Michael and I split up, it will be very difficult for myself to get back into the industry.  So, for all those reasons, I went back to work. 

Working and being a full time mother has been very tiresome.  TASQ is a company that resides up in Rocklin and I live in Elk Grove.  Driving up to Rocklin and then back home to Elk Grove was a very long and painful commute each day.  And oddly enough, I did it for almost 6 years. (Crazy, ain't I?)  By the end of the day, I get very tired therefore have very little energy left for the family.  I just want to go to bed and do nothing.  During my time off, I realize that my situation with TASQ had to change somehow.  I didn't like the commute and was wasting a lot of precious time by commuting that much.  Working that far from home was taking away the enjoyment and fun of my kids and husband.  Well, that led me to find a new job.  CalPERS is much closer and I get to see my family much more.  Although I'm still tired after work (because it's WORK), I have more time to spend with the them.

Because I am a contractor now, I am looking at ways to improve myself to make myself more marketable so I'm planning on taking continuing education classes.  I am hoping to be able to get the PMP certification so I'm going back to CSUS for classes to prepare me for this exam. I am also looking into taking some technical classes to get myself more knowledgeable with the current web development languages such as Java and .NET.

Goals.  Still the same.  Make more money and retire when I'm 55, but now, I know how to get myself there. Find myself a better paying job and put a ton of it into my 401K.  Of course, there is a shorter path, win the lottery!

Hopefully, it won't be another 7 years before I update myself again.  

2001 Update

Well, I see that the last time I updated myself was two years ago.  I no longer work for Logicon.  I quit that job almost a year ago.  I now work for a company called Practical Consulting Group who is soon to go public soon and change its name to iVentex.  I am still a systems analyst but I like my current job a lot more.  I have a lot more to do and am learning a lot of new stuff.  I also like the people I work with.  There are a lot more people my age and everyone here is nice and friendly.  I really enjoy my job now. 

Married life is so different from living a single’s life.  I’m not doing much anymore besides working and watching the baby.  I don’t go out with my friends anymore until 2 or 3 in the morning.  I can barely keep in contact with my friends now.  I don’t just go buy whatever I want whenever I want.  I have to do a lot more shopping then I use to.  Yeah, don’t let me into Price Club, Wal-Mart or Target.  Everything I go into one of those stores, I end up buying a lot of things.  On the weekends, we don’t do much either.  I’m either at my parent’s house or I’m at home.  Sometimes, there might be special events on the weekends that we need to attend but besides that, we don’t go out much.  I guess after working for the whole week, all I want to do is sleep and spend more time with my family.  With my new job, I do some traveling.  Sometimes is for a day and sometimes, it’s for two.  For the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of these one or two day travels.  I have to go to the client’s site, which is three hours away from here.  I don’t like the traveling all that much, especially if it’s for two days.  There’s nothing to do down in Salinas and I miss my family.  I’m so use to getting off work and going home to my family instead of to an empty hotel room.  Also, I don’t like the food down there too much.  For some reason, everything I go down there, I get sick.  Maybe it’s the environment.  Who knows?  I don’t think I have to go down there much anymore so I guess that’s cool. 

Goals.  Well, they’re still the same: To work for more money and retiring at the age of 55 and then go travel around the world.  I have no idea how to accomplish this goal besides saving lots and lots of money before I retire.  It’s funny how I’m talking about retirement when I’m only 24 and that’s it’s 30 something years away from now.  I guess this is what you call long-term goals.  My other goal is still to be a good wife and mother.  Even though Nicholas is very cute and adorable, he can be a handful and a mischievous kid sometimes.  It’s really hard to get him to listen to me sometimes.  And the looks that he gives you when you are mad at him are priceless. 

Well, I really don’t know what else to write about so I guess I will stop here.  I have no idea when I write myself another update so if anyone really wants to know more about me, you’ll just have to e-mail me.  Hopefully, I will return your e-mail message soon