Los Angeles

This past weekend, we went down to Los Angeles for a friend’s wedding.  We left Sacramento on Friday morning and returned on Monday night.  On Saturday, we went to California Adventures.  It was fun, but I think Disneyland would have been better for Nicholas because there would have been more things for him to see.  There was a lot of water in California Adventures so most of the time he spent it watching the waters of the river or of a fountain.  We watched a parade called the Eureka Parade and it was pretty cool.  We also went on the California Screaming, which was a lot of fun.  We wanted to go on the river water raft ride, but the line for that was way too long.  I watched a 3-D Muppets show along with my younger sister and her husband.  Michael didn’t come along because he had to watch Nicholas.  After Nicholas fell asleep, we were able to explore the theme park a bit more and we found this one place were he would be able to play with the water and you know him, he loves the water.  After he woke up, we took him there and he had a fun time.  At first, he wasn’t too happy because just as he was about to enter the water area, another little kid ran right into him knocking him to the floor.  He was a little shaken up and was not too happy about it.  After a while of watching all the other kids having fun, he came down and enjoyed himself.  He got himself soaking wet and cold.  After a while, he started shaking so we stopped him from playing with the water.  We left the theme park after that. 


The next day, we went to the wedding and Nicholas was in his tuxedo again with one minor adjustment.  I forgot his bow tie so he had to go without a bow tie.  I don’t think he would have kept it on anyway.  He kept taking off his tuxedo because he didn’t want it on.  We were very tired from all that.  In the evening, we went to the banquet for the wedding and when the groom and bride started walking to their seat, everyone set off their party poppers and that really frightened Nicholas.  He started screaming and I had to remove him from the room.  He didn’t want to go back into the room for more then 15 minutes.  I eventually was able to get him in the room, but he was still very cautious about any noise around him.  The banquet itself was a typical Chinese wedding and not all that exciting.  Not until the end, that is.  At the end of the banquet, people started dancing.  I don’t know what the dance is called, but it’s where a bunch of people gets into a line and start going around the room.  Kind of like a train.  Well, as they were passing by us, someone pulled Michael into the train and Michael had to start dancing along with everyone and I took a few pictures of that.  After that, everyone just started busting out those dancing moves and it was very interesting to watch.  (Thank goodness, I wasn’t the one who was pulled out.)  The next morning was the long drive back to Sacramento.  Right after I-5 and Hwy 99 split, there was construction on I-5 and the bad news was that we picked I-5 so we sat in traffic for about an hour.  I think we traveled about 40 miles or so in one hour.  I was started to dread the trip home.  It was going to be one long drive home and we didn’t have much room in the car so we weren’t exactly comfortable.  All I can say is that I’m glad it’s over.  The time in LA was fun, but the drive was horrible.  Nicholas actually did quite well in both of the car trips.  He didn’t get too fussy.  I think it might have been because we had a lot of people entertaining him when he was awake.  Overall, I have to say that it was a pretty nice mini vacation away from everything.


Nicholas, let’s see.  Well, lately, he has had this weird incident with water.  Two Fridays ago, when I brought him home from my mother’s house and Michael was about to give him a bath, he started freaking out.  He started to scream about going into the bathtub.  He did not want to go into the bathtub.  It was as if he had a very bad experience with the bathtub that he was not going to go into it again.  We force him to take a bath that day.  The next morning, we tried giving him a bath again, and he still refused to go in.  That day was also Dan’s 4th of July party, so we went there.  At first, he would not go near the swimming pool.  Then Linda set up a little tiny pool for the little ones and he eventually got into it and started playing in it.  After an hour or two, we moved him over to the swimming pool and he was fine with it.  We thought that whatever it was, he must have been over with it.  He ended up not wanting to get out of the pool.  Both Michael and him were in the pool for more than an hour.  The next day, my brother had his 4th of July party and we brought our little pool over and Nicholas was fine with that too.  I think he changed about 6 – 7 times.  So we thought that the fear of water thing was over with.  We were wrong.  This past Saturday, in the hotel, when we were trying to give him a bath, he started freaking out again.  The same thing happened.  He just didn’t want to get into the water.  It was as if the water was going to bite him or something.  Again, we forced him into taking a bath by holding him tightly.  But then, that afternoon, he was running around in the water again.  I really don’t know what the problem is or what causes him to react so violently sometimes to water.  I have asked everyone who baby-sits him and they have all said that they have done nothing to him that would make him react in such way.  I mean, only my family baby-sits him and I know that they would never harm the little one in any way, so why he acts that way, I have no idea.  Some people have told me that it is just a phase that little kids go through.  I really hope that it is so. 


We are still trying to get him to start talking.  He doesn’t seem to want to talk.  He points a lot and if he wants us to do something, he’ll push us towards what he wants.  I know that he will be a talkative little one (just like his mother) when he can talk because he does a lot of talking right now, but it’s just all baby talk.  I can say ABC if he wants to, but not too many new words that he doesn’t know already.  He’s starting to repeat some of the stuff that we say, but only when he wants to.  I just wish that he would tell me what’s wrong sometimes or what he wants.  Oh, well.  I guess I just have to be more patient with him. 


We were planning on going to Monterey next week, but I think I need a break from going out of town every weekend because the weekend after this coming one, we will be going to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy.  Michael really wants to go so I thought that I would take him there this year.  I am not sure if we will be bringing Nicholas along.  If I can find a babysitter then we won’t bring him, but if we can’t, then he’s coming along.  I would like to go there without him so that Michael gets a chance to really look around and not have to worry about Nicholas trying to destroy everything in his path.  It would also be nice to have a day with just him and me.  We don’t get those much anymore.  Well, just have to see if anyone is willing to watch him for us that day. 


Well, that’s about all that’s happened.  I hope that Michael will be able to get those pictures that we took down in LA out soon because there are some really cute ones of Nicholas.  I mean, at one point in the hotel, the little one was posing for the camera.  I guess I’ll talk to you all next time.