Nicholas Update

Okay, here's another update on Nicholas.  Well, he’s as healthy as he looks on the web.  I see that Michael has put up the pictures of them in the showers. Yeah, they take showers together.  It’s really funny because now Nicholas has gotten so use to it that whenever he hears the water go on and he’s in the restroom, he starts closing his eyes. Nicholas actually likes it a lot in the shower.  It’s when he has to come out of the shower that he never really did like because he  gets cold.  Well, he is growing really quick.  He has already switched over to size two diapers about a few weeks ago.  He’s outgrowing his car seat and his automatic rocker.  Speaking of that, he doesn’t seem to like that as much as he used to anymore.  He might stay on there once in a while for an hour or so, but it’s not like before when he would love to get on it all the time.  We have started to put him on this little entertainment playground where he just stares up at a bunch of little toys.  Michael tells me that he likes to stare at the one that has a mirror on it.  Michael says that Nicholas likes to stare at it and talk to it.  Yes, he can talk now.  He does a lot of baby talking all over the place.  Sometimes, he’ll just sit there and talk to himself.  He also likes to watch television now.  When he’s over at my parents when we're working, they sit him up in his car seat and face him toward the television set.  He’ll sit there and watch television for a long time.  Amazingly, he will do that in grandpa’s lap for hours and not complain about it while he might do it with us for maybe an hour, at most.  I guess everyone has their own special thing and this is my father’s special thing with Nicholas.

Well, a little update on us.  Michael and I just started to go back to bowling two Thursdays ago.  My parents watch him while we are away.  It does get somewhat tiresome because I’m so not used to bowling and also staying out so late.  I guess it’s such a different situation now because of the full time job and the baby.  One thing that I know for sure is that I really need to practice my bowling technique again really hard because, boy, did I suck on the first night.  I bowled a 94 in the second game!  It was horrible.  I have not bowled that low of a score before for at least 4 years now.   I didn’t do so bad last week, though.  I bowled a 165, which was around my average.  I’m still trying to get use to picking up my 6-pound ball, though.  (Yes, there is such a thing as a 6-pound bowling ball and yes, I bowl with a very light ball.)  I have problems throwing my 8-pound ball still.  I can’t seem to lift it up as high and I can’t seem to control my throwing of that ball because it’s still too heavy for me right now.  Give me another two to three weeks and I’ll be able to play with it again.  Michael seems to be doing better at bowling then I am still.

Okay, enough about me, back to Nicholas.  Let’s see.  What else can I talk about?  Oh yeah, he’s really cranky at night.  Every night, around 8 or 9, he starts getting really cranky because he wants to go to sleep.  It takes me a while just to put him to sleep.  The bad thing is that he doesn’t ever seem to like Michael putting him to sleep so he can’t really ever help me with this.  He’s very picky when it comes to the person holding him at night.   I have no idea how Michael is going to handle him when I go back to school. Oh, yeah, by the way next year, I will be starting on my MBA.  Michael will be baby-sitting him a lot and I know that he can do a good job at it.

Well, another thing that he is starting to do is produce little bubbles with his mouth.  He’s starting to be able to produce a lot of that so it seems like he’s drooling a bit.  In a way, it’s cute, but in another, it’s a bit of a mess.  If you carry him and his head is resting on your shoulders, you’re going to get a bit wet.  He also has this little thing that he does with his dad.  Mike would laugh out loud and move his head back.  After awhile, Nicholas will do the same thing and when you see the both of them live, you’ll really laugh along with them and think that they are just so cute together.

Well that was the update that I wrote about a week ago but we didn’t have any time to put it out.  Now, here’s another update that hopefully we will be able to put out soon.  We went down to Dawn Marie’s (one of Mike’s cousins) wedding this weekend.   It was really nice.  I got to meet a lot of Michael’s relatives that I have not met before and for the first time, I actually experienced a full-blown American wedding.  Yeah, I’ve never been to one before, but I’ve been to too many Chinese weddings and I can go on forever about the difference and similarities of the two but nah!  Well, of course, Nicholas went with us.  We drove down there.  The wedding was close to LA and it was a six-hour drive down there.  We left on Saturday afternoon and got there around 7 PM.  Nicholas did pretty well in the car.  We did make a few stops though so that he could get some fresh air and exercise instead of always been stuck to his car seat.  That night we went out to dinner with Grandma, Uncle Ron, Aunt Thelma, Aunt Irma, and John.  The wedding was the next day and it was really nice.  Nicholas was also very good during the wedding.  He didn’t cry or make much noise during the service and was really quiet during the reception. He actually went to sleep for a while during the reception when they started the dancing.  The amazing part was that he was sleeping while the music was so loud.   Overall, we really had a good time.  Nicholas met a lot of his cousins and boy, did they like him. One of his cousins, Laurie, just started saying baby, baby once she saw him.  One time at the reception, she was out on the dance floor dancing and when she came back, she flipped over Nicholas’ blanket inside his car seat (thinking that he was in it) and started saying, “baby, baby.”  Then there was Joy Marie.  She was very fond of Nicholas.  You can see some of the pictures that she took with Nicholas.  At the reception, she was also looking around for him once in awhile.  We stayed there until Monday and then we drove back up to Sacramento.  Overall, it was a really nice and elegant wedding.  Many relatives that are not from around here got to see Nicholas when they usually wouldn’t get to except through this web site.  Also, we might be going to Palo Alto, this weekend, to visit Mom and the two Richards since she has not had a chance to see him yet ever since the last time she saw him (which was way over three months ago when he was, I think, 10 days old).  Well, last week I did do a lot better on bowling. I can now pick up the 7-pound ball and throw it with much more accuracy.  Michael did really good.  He bowled two 200+ games and a 155 one.  Well, at least I’m getting there.  Maybe this week, I will be able to pick up my 8-pound ball.

Well, Nicholas seems to have this new habit now.  It started on Friday, September 18 at night.  I was trying to put him to sleep and suddenly he started making this noise. I told Mike to come in and listen.  It was the first time that I’ve ever heard him do something like that.  It was really funny.  It seems like he’s talking with his eyes closed.  He went on for over ten minutes and when he stopped, he was deep asleep.  It was like he was trying to say “I’m going to sleep now” repeatedly in baby language until he really fell asleep.  So now, whenever he goes to sleep, he would make the same noise until he fell deep asleep.  It’s really hard to describe how he does it and what the noise sounds like but when you see it in real life, it’ll be practically impossible to not laugh or smile at it.  He also has this really cute face when he’s doing this so at the same time, he looks so adorable but funny. 

Well, this is all that I’ve noticed new about Nicholas.   I hope you have enjoyed reading my penmanship.

See you again in the next update.