Ok, now: Teeth!

It has been a long time since the last baby update and I remember saying that he was not teething.  Well, guess what?  He’s finally cutting teeth.  We realized it this past Saturday morning.  Actually, it was Michael who noticed it first.  He was playing with Nicholas and flipping him upside down (I tell him not to do that all the time, but he never listens) and he noticed a little white object in Nicholas’ mouth.  Michael tried to make Nicholas open his mouth but Nicholas was quite the resistant.  Michael finally got him to open his mouth and he saw three little teeth.  The one on the bottom has broken through the gum and the two on top are pretty close to breaking through also.  We feel very relieved that he finally has some teeth.  I don’t know of any other little baby who didn’t have any tooth at his age.  My best friend’s little girl, who is six months old, had a little tooth the week before we realized his.  He’s just extremely slow when it comes to teething.  Another friend’s baby, who is eight days older than Nicholas, is only missing the four teeth before he has a full set.  And Nicholas is only starting to teeth.  He has a lot of catching up to do.  Another good part about him teething is that it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He doesn’t seem to be having much pain with the teeth cutting.  I was told by many that the later the teeth come, the more it hurts.  Well, we were ready for the no sleep and crankiness, but we didn’t get any of it.  Maybe we did, but at that time, we found no tooth on him.  About two weeks ago (started on Monday night, August 5), he was sick. He had a fever for about three days.  I took him to the doctor and the doctor said that they didn’t know what it was because all he had was the fever.  He didn’t have any diarrhea or vomiting so he didn’t have what was going around.  He also said that it could be anything and that we shouldn’t be surprised if we saw rashes later on.  Nicholas did end up with rashes last Saturday, but they went away within the next two days.  We were so worried that we called the physician on call on Saturday because we didn’t know if it was maybe the measles or chickenpox or not.  He told us that it was normal for sick babies to break out with rashes at the end of their sickness.  He said that it was a good sign because it tells you that the sickness is over.  I didn’t think that he was teething at that time because I’ve had too many false alarms already.  And I did look in his mouth but there was nothing.  Then a week later, he has three.  I guess it just takes a while before they start coming after the fever.  Well, both Michael and I are just glad that he’s finally cutting some teeth. 

Well, at the beginning of this month, we went up to Oregon to visit Michael’s father and stepmother.  We had fun there and this week’s pictures were from a lake that we went to that was really close to the house.  We also did some shopping since Oregon was tax-free.  That Friday, we also went to Michael’s yearly division picnic and the water picture that Michael posted up last week was from the Sacramento River.  That was when Nicholas was all better from his fever, but also the next day was when we noticed the rashes.  We thought that it had something we us allowing him to play in the river.  It really freaked me out for sure. Then the Monday after that, Michael and I went to Great America by ourselves.  It was kind of like our day off from Nicholas.  We had a lot of fun and we went on most of the rides.  We did have to wait in line for two hours for the newest attraction, the Stealth, but it was really worth it.  It was a very interesting experience.  It was like really flying in the air.  Scary in a way because I’m afraid of heights and we were hanging like a few stories upside-down.  Once we finished that ride, all the other rides seem somewhat cheesy and generic compare to that one.  We also watched the IMAX movie that they were showing.  The graphics were cool but the whole thing was like another roller coaster that got you extremely dizzy.  It was somewhat of a disappointment for both Michael and I. 

Well, this is about all that I have to say for now.  I will continue to update everyone on Nicholas’ teething as he continues to get more.  Until then, have a nice day!