Sorry for not putting up another update sooner. I have been very busy. Work and family has occupied most of my time lately. Michael wanted me to put up more updates since he thought that you guys would like to know more about the pregnancy.

Okay, let's not waste any time then. The little one is doing fine. I am contracting. I have been contracting for the last month now. I told my doctor about them and she told me that as long as I don't get two contractions in an hour for two hours straight, I am still fine because of the fact that my cervix is above normal this time. But once this scenario hits, I'm suppose to call her and I'm guessing that she's going to monitor me in the hospital. Thank goodness this hasn't happened yet. There were a few times that it almost happened. I get about one every hour right now, but sometimes, I get more than that. Once I got three in an hour, but luckily the next hour, I only got one so I was safe. I have another doctor's appointment this coming Monday so I get to see if I'm still okay then. Oh, as a side note, my doctor is also pregnant and she's actually due 9 days after me so she might not be the one delivering me.

We haven't thought of a name for the little one yet. It is my turn to come up with the first name. I came up with a few, but the one that I like the most, Michael doesn't seem to like. I asked Irene about it and she seems to like it. Well, of course she would, it's the combination of both of her sons. It's Michael Richard Van Zandt. Of course, you can tell by now why Michael doesn't really like it. Oh well, back to the drawing board. I still got a little more than 3 months to think of a name.

How have I been feeling? One word. TIRED. It's not that easy being pregnant, working full time and being a full time mother. Especially since work has been extremely busy lately. We are trying to meet a deadline so everyone is working really hard right now. After work, I am so tired that half the time all I want to do is sleep except most of the time, that's not what I end up doing when I get home. Right now, I am trying to think of hobbies or things that I can do around that house that are not labor intensive. Michael bought me this plant container for the window seal in front of the house. I wanted to plant some flowers in it since this time of the year would be the perfect weather to do so, but Michael thinks that it's too much work and requires too much manual labor that he won't let me do that. I have a tree that I got last year for our house warming that I still have not planted. (Poor tree) I wanted to plant it this spring so that it would have the opportunity to grow properly instead of in a pot. Well, Michael doesn't want me doing that either. I am thinking about reorganizing some of the stuff in the house this weekend so I'm hoping that Michael isn't going to be considering that too labor intensive since it requires climbing up and down chairs and bending up and down. I think he wants me to do things like sewing (which I really hate). Things like that are too boring to me. I prefer more active chores but most of them are pretty labor intensive, if you ask me. Any suggestions?

Nicholas. Oh boy. He's a handful. He actually can say a lot of things now. He can say sentences like, "Momma, where is she?" The only downside to him talking is that he seems to still like calling Michael Momma instead of Daddy. The funny part of this is that he calls one of my younger sisters, Kellie, Daddy. I don't know how he made that association. I mean, he understands who Daddy is because I always tell him to ask Daddy, but the problem is that the word that comes out of his mouth is always Mommy. He knows how to brush his own teeth now, even though he doesn't do a very good job at it. He's not too grumpy about brushing his teeth at night anymore. According to Michael, when you tell him to brush his teeth, he'll, sometimes, go and grab the chair, put it next to the sink. Turn on the water. Put toothpaste on his toothbrush and brush his teeth. Of course, brushing his teeth in the morning is a totally different story. Half the times, he's not awake yet so he doesn't like it when Michael brushes his teeth. We bought him two playhouses and he seems to love them. He plays with them a lot by himself. He still, of course, loves the TV and his cartoons. This weekend, we are having an Easter hunt at my mother's house. I think he will like it since it involves candy and sweets. He did the Easter hunt last year and love it so I'm hoping that this year was be as fun for him as it was last year. This year, we got smart and bought all the stuff in advance. Last year, we didn't think about it until that day so I went on a hunting trip of my own trying to find plastic eggs and good candy. Hopefully, this year, we'll be a bit more organized.

Well, I think this is about it. I'll try to write more often whenever time permits me to do so.