Sick boys

It’s been quite a while since we last had an update on Nicholas.  We have been extremely busy lately, especially this past weekend because Nicholas and Michael were both sick.  Nicholas caught a cold last week and ended up giving it to his father also so both of them were very miserable this weekend.  Nicholas also had the stomach flu, according to the doctor.  Nicholas has gotten a lot better now, but Michael is still not doing too well.  This weekend was very hectic for me as you can probably guess by now with two sick boys.  I ended up having to take Monday and yesterday off to watch Nicholas because he was still not feeling so well.  Sunday was his worse day.  He was so weak that he would not come down to play.  His head was always on my shoulders and whenever he was awake, he was crying.  He took small little naps but they didn’t really help him much.  He had diarrhea also and he was not too happy with that either.  I think I changed somehow around twenty five to thirty dirty diapers on Saturday and Sunday.  We took him to the doctors on Friday and then again on Monday.  He was also throwing up a few times over the weekend and I’m sure that he didn’t like that either. We started giving him Pedialyte and he has gotten a lot better now.  During the time that he was sick, we couldn’t see even one little smile on his face, but yesterday, he was more or less back to normal cause he wanted to play and was smiling all the time.  Both Michael and I feel very relieved that he’s doing a lot better now.  He got us really worried over the weekend.  I really didn’t know what else to do to comfort him anymore if his sickness kept up.  He kept waking up during the night and I didn’t get much sleep at all this past weekend and Chinese New Year is coming up this coming weekend so I had to do some stuff in preparation for it.  I couldn’t ask Michael for help because he was so sick himself and having to take care of two sick boys, the house chores, and preparations for New Years was very hard.  So, this past weekend was very, very hectic for me.  I’m just glad that it’s all over now. 

Well, besides his little sick story, he’s doing okay.  He lost a few ounces when he was sick, but I’m sure that he will regain them easily.  He can’t walk yet but we really think that it’s not too far away.  He hasn’t been practicing much lately due to his sickness, but I’m sure that he will now.  He can climb up the stairs at my parents’ house without falling at all.  He’s very tempted to try going back down the stairs whenever he’s at the top of them, but I don’t think he can do that yet.  He still doesn’t have any little teeth yet which worries me a bit.  We have now switched over from the baby infant car seat to the bigger toddler car seat.  He still doesn’t like the new car seat like he didn’t like the old one but I think he’s a little better with the newer one because he’s now faced forward and he can see a lot more.  We have been trying to give him some solid food, but he doesn’t seem to like them much.  Every time I put the little spoon near him, he would close his mouth tight and I’ve tried a lot of different things to get him to open his mouth, but I am still very unsuccessful with him so if anyone has any suggestion, please let me know. 

There isn’t much more that I can say about Nicholas.  Like I said before, Chinese New Years is this coming weekend so we will be pretty busy with that and next week, Michael will be having a minor surgery.  If you want to know more about that, email him.

Oh yeah, May, my best friend (maid of honor at my wedding) just had her baby on January 21.  It was a little girl and both mother and baby are doing fine.  We went to the hospital to visit her the next day but didn’t really get a chance to hold the baby or talk to May too much.  We are planning to visit her sometime soon, maybe tonight.