I thought that Eilat was hot a lot and a lot hot. 

So we took a cot, found a spot, and read a lot.

This is my rhyme about Eilat,

......... by Me

The temperature in Eilat was around 40 to 45c, which is about 104 to 114 degrees f. Even late at night it's hot. Think of Palm Springs, with a beach, and you have Eilat. Our hotel was across the street from the beach and a mall. Along the beach is a board walk with good restaurants and little stands that sell all the usual tourist stuff. Our hotel, Club Hotel Eilat, was big and decorated like a cruse ship, very nice, a good place to stay. 

We took a taxi tour to Timna Park...............From the book.............. "Timna Park is a unique natural reserve, featuring fascinating geological and archaeological sites: Solomon's Pillars and the Temple of the Goddess Hathor (known in Egyptian mythology as the Goddess of the Mines, the Goddess of love, The Eye of Re and the Goddess of Turquoise); the Mushroom and the smelting camps; the Arches and the ancient mines plus the Chariots - rock drawings of people and animals that date back to the Egyptian mining in Timna." These copper mines are clamed to be the first in the world and were being mined 4000 and 6000 years ago. Production was started again at the Timna mines in 1958 after Eilat was captured by the Golani and Negev Brigades, mining ended here in 1984. There is still a lot of copper here, copper ore is laying on the ground every ware. I picked up some pieces and plan to take them home, grind them to sand, and then heat them with my torch. I will smelt my own piece of copper!

# 1 Don and I under the Mushroom, it is a natural formation formed by erosion. 

#2 Ancient writing on the walls 

#3 Me climbing out of a mine shaft. In my hand is a piece of copper ore (this picture dose not show how green it is). The shafts go straight down and then branch out horizontally, no, I didn't go all the way down, actually this one was filled with sand and I could stand in it. 

#4 Solomon's Pillars formed by erosion. 

One of the places we visited was a diamond factory. I didn't bring home any souvenir diamonds, too bad. 

Don did not feel well the last couple of days we were there, so between that and the heat, we didn't get out and explore as much as we usually do. Fortunately our hotel was wonderful and we spent a lot of time laying around the pool reading. More later.............. Shalom...............Bernice