Dr. Bernice

The day was almost over, I had run out of battery for my camera and I was tired. I sat down on my little camp chair and watched some of the students helping the surveyor measure the sloping sides of the tel. 

One of the girls called to me, " Bernice, what do you do for internal bleeding?" 

Why was she asking me? What do I know about Internal bleeding? Internal bleeding would be serious, she must be asking a hypothetical question, so I told her that someone with internal bleeding should be rushed to the hospital. She only stood there and looked at her finger. 

"Shall I prick it?" 

I had better go and see what this is about. I reluctantly got up off of my little chair and made my way down the slope. She showed me her finger with a small blood blister at the end, she had hit her finger while hammering a stake for the surveyor. "Shall I prick it and let the blood out? What should I do?" "Don't open it here, leave it like it is." I said "There is too much dirt here, wait until you get back to the school where you can keep it clean and put analeptic on it." Doctor Bernice saved the day!!!

Today is New Years Day, Rosh Hashanah. Last night we went to a New Years party given for the Civil Parole volunteers in this neighborhood. It was fun to meet and get to know some of our neighbors. I met a lady, Norit, who works with silver. She uses the studio of a women in this neighborhood and when the holidays are over, she is going to take me with her. I am so excited.......a torch.......a well equipped studio to work in.........I can hardly wait.