No fresh produce in the house and Don will be at school all day, I guess I'll go to the shuke (something like a farmer's market and a flea market all in one) for fruit and vegetables. I robbed Don of all his small change, (best to have correct change at the shuke but I'll go into that later) grabbed my little shopping cart and headed off to the bus stop. Because the Shuke is in the middle of town, I decided to wander in and out of some shops first. Wow! End of summer sales! Stocking shelves with new fall arrivals! I'm on a role! After taking advantage of some of the sales, trying on most of the hats in a hat shop, buying two warm wooly scarves, (it's going to get cold soon) and picking up some oil paints, brushes and canvas, I went on up to the shuke. 

The produce at the shuke is better, fresher, and costs less than in the market, it's worth the trip. The challenge at the Shuke is making sure you are getting the right change back. I try to have the right change or close to it because (since I look like a tourist who doesn't understand Hebrew or how shekels and agorot work) it's easier to know if they are short changing me than if I'm breaking a big bill. When I challenge them about my change they just look innocent, shrug their shoulders and act like they don't understand me, but if stay there, continue to complain and wave my arms around a bit, they will finely correct the "mistake". Most of the venders are pretty good, I only have to play this game occasionally. I got some produce, (not a lot because my cart was all ready full from the shopping I had already done) caught the bus, and trudged home. 

Oil paints........yes, I'm going to play around with them for a while. It's been a long time since did anything with oils and feel that I need some hints in that area, so I emailed an artist friend for a little information before I get started. I'm anxious to start. 

Don started classes Monday, but my first day was yesterday. I'm auditing a class with Don called History of Syro-Palestine 1---Graduate Level. The first day was very interesting, I think I'm going to like it. Yes.........a graduate level! Since I'm just auditing the class, I don't have to write papers or take the tests unless I want to..........I don't want to. 

More later............