Here are some of the pictures we took in Athens:

#1 The city from our 14th floor balcony. 

#2 There are magazine stands on every block. They are for buying magazines, candy, bus tickets, ect. The person inside the stand has only a little hole to look through, about all you can see is half his face and his hands when he gives you change. In this picture the woman is talking to the man in the hole. 

#3 The Parthenon, at The Acropolis, the crowning achievement of Greek architecture, was built between 447 and 432 B.C. 

#4 The theatre of Herodes Atticus, at The Acropolis, is again being used for performances of drama. The stage of the theatre was decorated with statues and niches and colored marble during the time of it's first use.

We started a class in Hebrew at the YMCA last night, it will be two evenings a week for three months. The teacher said that if after 3 months, if we don't feel confident to go on to the next level, we could take this class again at no cost. I'm afraid that I may be her first student to take Beginning Hebrew for two years straight. We have been asked to join the police!!! Well not actually the police, more like Civil Patrol, would you believe Neighborhood Watch? This is called Civil Patrol but works like Neighborhood Watch and we will get to ride around the neighborhood in a police car sometimes. This is one of the nicer neighborhoods and car thieves like to come here for the good pickens. Car theft is a big problem in this city. Today is Independence day, there are mobs of people in the park across the street and it looks like a ceremony of some kind is going on. There has been Israeli flags all over the city for the last week, cars and even bussed have flags on them. Tonight some of the streets in town will be closed off to cars and busses and people will be out celebrating, there will also be fire works. The fire works could be seen from our balcony, but we may walk into town and check out the celebration. Well, I guess I had better do some laundry before we run out of underwear, boring !! More later.................Shalom..................Bernice


I attached the wrong picture of the magazine stand, this one has a guy in it.