Jerusalem Museum

The tour bus leaves at five in the morning and we will be on it.  This means that soon after 4:30 AM tomorrow,  Don and I will be hiking across the Hinnon Valley, in the dark, dragging suit cases to meet the tour bus.  This trip will be a four day field study, and we will need our passports  because we will be crossing into Jordan.  I think that Dr. Wright likes to push us to our limits, surely it isn’t necessary for us to leave that early in the morning.  This trip will take us to Jericho, and across the Jordan river to Ammon.  We will stop at Mount Nebo where Moses looked out and saw the Promise Land, and follow the King’s Highway south  through Gilead (maybe I can get some of the balm they are famous for).  Eliot is at the Southern most tip of Israel and we will spend a night there.  Eliot is on a gulf of the Red Sea, so Don and I are taking our bathing suits, also there will be a stop at the Dead Sea and we may get to swim there too.

The last few days have been beautiful, warm into the 60s and clear.  When we have clouds they are little cotton balls, the kind in which you can see pictures.

Jerusalem Museum was our destination today.  It was great,  so much to see, with several museums clustered together in the same area.  Don took notes on the information he needed for a paper and we looked around for a while.  Because we needed to get back and get ready for this field study,  there wasn’t enough time to see everything,  I want to go back.

Well,  about 9 pm  (Georgia & Tennessee)  and 6 pm  (California) tonight,  think about us trudging through the dark, Jerusalem streets, in the wee hours of the morning,  half awake, and wanting one more cup of coffee.     We will think about ya’all at home on your comfortable couch watching TV.