Are you still trying to down load all of those pictures?     I’m sorry to send so many at the same time,  I won’t do that again,  I promise.

I was mistaken when I said the field study was going to be on Sunday,  it was Saturday  (good we got that straightened out, we would have missed the bus).    It was a beautiful day, most of the day,  and we learned a lot.    I will send an attachment {previous post, ed} of my impressions of the trip, no pictures, if I can figure out how to.    If I don’t figure this out, I’ll get Don to do it for me when he gets home.  Don gets so frustrated with me that I am not catching on to this computer faster.  Tuesday is turning out to be laundry day and a good time to send email because Don is at school most of the day and I have the house to myself.    Also, today I need to pick up some things at the market, so I’ll get my little wheeled basket and do the bag lady thing again.

The map work is fun and Don and I have been doing it together, but I have been doing only some of the reading for our class,   some of this stuff is way over my head and there is LOTS of reading assigned.

Last week I found a novel in the student lounge and it was good reading,   tomorrow when I go over to the school I will check in the lounge for another good book.    The library has books,  but they are mostly information for the classes.   In the lounge, students have left books of all kinds for others to help them self to.  I hope I find another book as good as the last one was.

The TV stays off most of the time, there isn’t all that much in English.  Lately the TV has been pooping out on us too, every so often the picture collapses into a thin horizontal line. We don’t miss it enough to mention it to the land lady. The news is easy to get on the internet, and Don check’s the news there every day.  It’s nice to not be bombarded with all the news we would get in the States especially now that election time is here.

Don and Bernice Tuttle