More Rain

The rain was falling most of the night on Tuesday, some times very hard.........good, we need it. Wednesday after our morning class, the rain was still falling. Don wanted to go to the school library to do some research and I decided to go into town to a jewelry tools and supply store, I needed some saw blades. I have an umbrella, I'll just walk, it's not too far. The walk in the rain was nice until I got into town where the sidewalks were crowded and then I made an interesting discovery.................When you are on a crowded sidewalk with an umbrella, and most of the other people on that sidewalk have umbrellas, it can be a tricky business. The spokes of your umbrella tend to lock with the spokes of the umbrellas coming the other way. Lifting your umbrella higher or lower doesn't help because the people coming the other way are doing the same thing. There should be a universal sign you could make to let the person coming the other way know what your intentions are..............actually, that wouldn't work, as crowded as those sidewalks were, my umbrella was locking up with the next umbrella even before I was untangled from the current one.

My silver working class last week was canceled because Miriam's (the teacher's) husband was in the hospital. I don't know what his illness is but it sounds like he may be there for a while. Merriam will call us when the class can start again, in the mean time, I will have to stick with non-solder projects.

The drawing/painting class is coming along great, I learned so much about oils last week and am beginning to feel comfortable with the medium. During the class we stopped for a break and were served roasted chess nuts, warm from the oven. I realized that I had never eaten roasted chess nuts before, nice treat!

More later..........