Tel Bernah

Tuesday was my second trip to Tel Bernah. I wasn't sure if I would go a second time, but after finding a camp chair in an army-navy surplus store, I decided that with the comfort of a halfway decent place to sit, I just might survive. This week we measured and laid out 100, ten by ten meter squares (I say we, but I spent the whole time taking pictures and sitting on my little camp chair). The squares are divided by string stretched between stakes, some of the squares go over the edge of the tel and part way down the hill. After much measuring and stringing and hammering stakes, we started our search for surface shards and finds (I actually helped a little with this activity). Every thing that is found in a square is placed in a bag which is labeled for the square. It was amazing how many surface finds there were, but all were small pieces. 

Bernah is thought to be the city of Libnah as mentioned in the Bible. 

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This is Don's class (I took the picture) sitting in a field of plowed under sunflowers. Behind us is Tel Bernah, the hill that is flat on top. 

Measuring the squares 

Some of the weeds were missed by last week's fire and had to be hoed out. 

Searching for shards.