Dirty Weather

The day started out sunny and warm but soon became overcast. It began to rain off and on, but only enough to make polka dots on the sidewalk. Warm and humid, like Georgia in the summer. By afternoon every thing in the apartment began to have a yellow cast to it, I looked out side and the sky was mostly yellow with brown and orange tinges. How eerie, I've never seen anything like it, I wonder what it is. By late afternoon there was thunder, lightning and then rain, hard rain, a down pour. Poor Don, he was at school with no jacket and no umbrella, he was going to have to trudge home in this, well, at least it wasn't a cold rain.

When Don got home, he wasn't drenched like I thought he would be, he was given a ride home. He said that when they got out of class, it was raining hard but the car was covered with mud and they had to clean the windshield. Splotch, splotch, splotch, before they could get far the windshield was dirty again, it was raining mud!!

A wind from the West had brought storm clouds in and then an East wind had brought dust from the dessert in beneath those clouds.

The next morning our balcony had a thin layer of dirt and our windows were dirty. I went into town and there was not a car, bus or truck in the city that was clean. The streets were covered with dirt too, it reminded me of pollen season in Georgia when everything is covered with yellow dust.

This happened a few weeks ago, I'm just getting around to telling you about it.