There are a lot of stray cats in Jerusalem, sometimes when we walk by a dumpster cats come springing out and run off. I'm sure they come back to their meal a soon as we are gone. There is a mother cat and her two kittens that have been living in the garden in front of our building. Darla and I drop scraps down to them from time to time. This morning I went out on the balcony, the three little faces were looking up at me, so cute. They know that when they look up and see Darla or me, bits of food may fall from the sky. I went into the kitchen and got some slices of baloney, cut them into little pieces and dropped them. Woops, one of the pieces was caught by the breeze and landed on the balcony below me. The neighbors below are going to find one little piece of baloney on their balcony, if the ants don't carry it off first, I wonder if they will know where it came from. I told Don that I would like to smuggle one of the kittens home, he just moaned.