Heading North

After a breakfast birthday party for David on Sunday, I pryed Laurie and Ryan off my legs, they didn't want Grammy to go, and headed up Highway 101. My first stop was in Ventura. Bob and Thelma were the youth  leaders at my church when I was a teenager and we spent the evening talking  about old times. The next morning I continued up 101 to the beautiful  town of Solvang and spent the day with my cousin Bob, his wife Shirley and  my Aunt Catharine. Solvang is a charming town and we ate our meals in  some of the quaint restraints in town.   Tuesday morning I was on my way North again. The gas was reading 1/4 tank  and I decided it was time to fill up. I pulled off the freeway and unto a  gas station, then up to the pumps and got out of the car and looked for the  place to put the gas in. Where is it? It wasn't on the side and I  didn't see it in the back, what to do!! There were a couple of young  guys filling a can with gas so I walked over to them and said, "This is a  rental car and I have no idea where to put the gas in". They smiled and  one of them walked over to my car with me.  "Here it is, you are going to have to go to the other side of the island."  I thanked him and moved my car. I had been looking on the wrong side of  the car. I'm sure these two guys spent the rest of the day laughing about  the air head blond who couldn't find where to put the gas in.   I arrived in Palo Alto at about 5 PM and had no trouble finding Ron and  Thelma's house.