I don't know whether it is home sickness or allergies or both, but I have been a bit off since I got back. That's my excuse for not writing. Don and I went to dinner in the Old City. We then took a walk. Narrow stone streets, stone buildings and arches, merchants with their goods spread out in front of their shops, I was reminded of how fortunate we are to be here. As much as I want to go home, I will miss the Old City and will miss the friends we have made here. Mixed emotions.

Miriam, my silver teacher, took the month of August off, so I have not been back to the class yet. The silver class starting again and JUC also starting will be good and make the time go fast.

The new semester starts today. Don and I have an afternoon class together, "Seminar: History of Mesopotamia and Its Contact with Canaan and Israel". It's a good thing I will be auditing this class and not have to take the tests because I can hardly pronounce or even remember the name of the class. I had wanted to take the Egypt class but it was dropped. Even though the Egypt class has been dropped, there will be a 7 day field trip to Egypt the first week in December and Don and I are signed up to go.

Because of the conflict, enrolment at the school has dropped. Last fall there were about 175 students, this fall there is only 45 students. Classes have been dropped and many of the staff have left, so sad. I hate to leave you on a sad note, but don't know what else to say............