Ein Gev was our first destination. We arrived Sunday afternoon and because we were still tired from staying up late celebrating Seder on Saturday evening, we just kicked back. Ein Gev is on the East coast of the Sea of Galilee and we sat on lawn chairs watched the children playing on the beach and read our books. The next day, feeling refreshed, we drove to Haifa, stopping at various archeological sites along the way, then up the Mediterranean coast to Akko and the ruins there. Because we were so close to Lebanon, we continued up the coast to the border but did not cross it. The Mediterranean coast North of Haifa is beautiful, it reminded me of the pacific coast near Santa Barbara.

The Holiday Inn on Mount Carmel was our next stop. What a beautiful view, the city of Haifa and the bay lay before us. A beautiful white cruse ship was leaving Haifa Port getting smaller as it followed the setting sun, then the lights of Haifa began to twinkle on.

The next morning we left Haifa and went East again to the Galilee area stopping, of coarse, at ruins along the way. The next four nights our base was at Bridges for Pease, a Christian study center north of Tiberias, from there we took day trips. We saw the ruins of Bernice's castle where she lived with Philip (Acts:25:13, 23). The area is beautiful, she had good taste......location......location. While exploring in the Golan, the beat of the bumpy road changed, Don pulled over, sure enough, we had a flat tire. It was a windy day and we were down wind of a cattle farm, not too pleasant.

Except for my getting a reaction from the water early in the trip (Montezuma's revenge or maybe Harrods's revenge) and being allergic to some of the spring blooms in the North of Israel it was a good trip. We saw many interesting sites and in spite of my discomfort, I / We are glad we were able to go.

We hope you all had a Happy Easter and a Joyful Passover.