Still learning to crawl

Well, it’s that time again.  Nicholas still can’t crawl yet.  He’s getting there.  He can flip himself onto his stomach and then back onto his back easily now.  He can also sit up pretty straight and stay there as long as he doesn’t make any big movements.  He’s able to move backwards a bit on his stomach and also forward.  He knows how to get into the position of crawling but just can’t seem to figure out how to move in that position yet.  He moves around by putting his head down to the floor/bed and pushes his legs either forward or backward.  We think he’ll be able to crawl maybe in a month or so.  We took him with us to bowling last Thursday and most of our league members got to see him.  He’s starting to sleep through the night a bit better now.  Just that if we put him to sleep any earlier than nine, he’s wake up around six in the morning.   We were told that he can try solid food now but we haven’t tried it yet.  Maybe starting next week we will try giving him some solid food. 

He can hold his bottle somewhat now.  A while back, when we feed him, he would always fight with our hands to try to push the bottle out of his mouth.  One day, we just decided to let him try to hold his own bottle and he did.  From then on, we started letting him hold it by himself a lot more.  Michael says that Nicholas has held it by himself for about five minutes before.  It just depends on how hungry and how tired he is.  If he’s full of energy, he’ll want to play with it more.  When he really hungry, he’ll just hold onto it and drink until he’s had enough and will, then, start playing with it.  Also when he’s tired, he doesn’t seem to want to move around too much so the bottle will stay in his mouth.  When he’s playing with it, he pulls it out and tries to stick it back into his mouth.  His success rate is about 50/50.  Sometimes, he’s holding the bottle way to high so can’t get it into his mouth.  He looks really cute with it and watching him try to put the bottle back into his mouth is so entertaining.  Last Thursday at bowling, we placed him on the table and he held his bottle while watching television.  He looked so relaxed and cute.  Too bad we didn’t bring the camera with us or else I would have taken at least that pose.  I’m sure it won’t be long before he can completely master the bottle holding.

I’m just wondering when he will be able to sit himself up.  Right now, we put him in the sitting position and he can stay there but he can’t get into the sitting position by himself.  He has this really bad habit that I don’t really like.  He can do it both while sitting up and also lying on his back.  It’s him grabbing his feet and sticking them in his mouth.  He does this even if his shoes are on.  He’ll try to eat the shoes.  I hate it because his socks and shoes are not the cleanest things in the world.  I know that all babies like to do that, but when I think about where those little cute feet have been, it just gets to me.  Every time he does it when I’m around, I try to stop him.  I mean it really looks cute seeing him bend with such flexibility.  Babies are just so flexible.  He scares me with some of the things that he does. 

Well, there isn’t much more that I can think about that has to deal with Nicholas’ progress.  Hopefully, he’s start crawling soon.  Well, maybe not because then, we would have to follow him everywhere. Well, this is all and when he starts to crawl, I’m sure I’ll be very eager to talk about it.