Well, Michael will not be home for the next three days.  He’s in San Jose training.  He left yesterday night around 7 PM and will not be home until Friday night.  Nicholas and I will be spending the next couple of days together by ourselves.  For Michael, if you are reading this, we really miss you and hope that Friday will come with a blink of the eye.  Nicholas was doing pretty good last night.  I think Nicholas knew that Michael was going to be away for a few days because before he left, Nicholas would not get off Michael.  He just wanted Michael to hold him the whole time through.  One thing that was very amazing to both Michael and I was that Nicholas actually waved goodbye to his daddy.  Nicholas was in my arms at the time and he just kept waving his hands.  We were very amazed that he was able to wave goodbye.  I tested that again this morning and he did actually the same thing.  I took him to my parents’ house this morning and he was on the floor.  I waved goodbye to him and he waved back at me.  This morning, he woke up very early and without Michael at home, I woke up along with him. 

Well, since the last update, Nicholas can now walk.  The most that he has walked was ten steps.  He seems to want to walk more when he upset or crying and wanting to come to us.  He has also developed a taste for carrots.  I do mean baby carrot food.  My mother started feeding him carrots one day and now, he seems to like them a lot.  He’s also gotten into the habit of opening his mouth when we put a spoon near him.  I am thinking about trying other favors especially those with meat in them.  He can also chew on cereal now.  We put him in his little walker and put some Honey Nuts Cheerios in front of him and he slowly puts on in his mouth and slowly dissolves it even though he still doesn’t have any tooth.  We have also tried giving him little pieces of bread for him to eat and he does pretty well with those.  He also knows how to spit it back out at you when he doesn’t want any more.  He also shows no sign of teething yet.  I just don’t understand why it’s taking him so long to grow some teeth.  I mean, he so good with everything else.  His legs have also gotten stronger.  Before, when we put him in his walker and put the walker on the carpet, he would not be able to move anywhere but now, he can move on the carpet and knows to head straight for the kitchen where all the cat food is.  He has also gotten a lot more curious than before.  He now goes through everything.  He can open drawers and cabinets. He can open the bottom two drawers to one of our dressers and all the bottom cabinets in the kitchen.  One time, he opened the cabinet in the kitchen that contained all his formula milk in it and he just started taking out the formulas and dropping them on the floor.  He would also go to his father’s side of the bed and dig through Michael’s box of cokes to take a few out to play with.  Oh, he loves to go into the refrigerator.  Whenever he sees it open, he would literally dash for it, but most of the time, he misses it, but once in a while, he would catch it before it closes and he would start grabbing things from the refrigerator.  He has become so active lately sometimes, too hyper, if you ask me.  He likes to climb into a basket of clean clothes and then try to get back out of it.  Amazingly, he does not climb into a dirty basket of clothing, but only clean ones.  It’s amazing how he knows which ones are clean and which ones are dirty.  He has being exploring the hypothesis of climbing off the bed.  He succeeded twice last night.  Before, he would slowly slide himself off in between the frame of the bed and the bed, but he would get stuck in it.  Now, he is slowly putting his legs down the side of the bed and slowly sliding himself down.  But once he’s down, he starts complaining and wants to get back onto the bed.  He’s just one funny little boy.  He has developed a passion for the outdoors.  He loves to go outside.  Whenever he is at my parents’ house, he would always want to go outside.  If he was crying and you open the door, he would stop crying and staring jumping up and down while you were carrying him.  You take him outside and push him around in the wagon for a few minutes and then take him back inside, he would be start crying again.  He tells you very clearly that he does not want to go inside the house and wants to remind outside.  Oh yeah, and another thing.  He does not seem to like any of his shoes.  Every time we put on a pair of shoes for him, they will come off of him in about two minutes or so if he is running outside in his walker.  They just come right off without any help from anything at all.  They are not too small or too big.  The shoes usually fit him just right but they just don’t seem to want to stay on his feet.  So, he ends up running around only in his socks and by the end of the day, if he was outside for the whole day, his socks would be extremely dirty and sometimes, even torn.  I really don’t know what to do about this problem.  I have tried slippers and tennis shoes.  I am thinking about sandals but I am not too sure if they will stay.  

On Monday night, he did come down with a high fever. He had a temperature of about 101 – 102.  It really had both of us worrying.  We didn’t know why he had such a high fever and we called the doctor at about 10 PM at night.  The doctor said that a fever was normal and that he was probably coming down with some kind of sickness.  Yesterday, he started having a runny nose but by the nighttime, he seemed to be fine.  He was playing around like normal so I think that whatever he was coming down with is either almost all gone or gone.

 Well, I think I’ve talked about everything that I can think of about Nicholas for now.  I am not too sure how to update a baby update so if you see this by tonight, which is Wednesday, March 22, 2000, then I have succeeded, if not, you will probably see this later after Michael has come back from his training.