A few sick kids

Nicholas finished his science project about a month ago and had it on display during Open House night.  There were science project from all 4th, 5ht, and 6th graders on display.  Overall, I think he did a very good job on his project.  Although I helped him with some stuff such as correcting his grammar, gluing the project together and taking pictures each day of the plants, he did most of the work himself.  We are really proud of him for completing the project.  During Open House, we took some pictures of his project and posted them under Nicholas for this month.  
Of course, if you think that was his only project, you'd be surprised.  He has another project right now.  It's about a city in California and his city is San Diego.  He's suppose to write a report on San Diego, the stuff around it and build a model of San Diego. 
Zachary also has a project that he must complete before the end of this year.  Just like Nicholas, he has to do a research paper on an animal.  His animal is the water strider.  He just started working on it last week and is doing pretty well so far.  As part of his project, he also has to make a diorama.  That will be the interesting part of this project.
Stay tuned after June to see the results of both projects.
Mackenzie is growing up really quickly. We are amazed at her comprehension and vocabulary.  She can sit down and have a five minute conversation with you about things.  One of her cuter phrases is "I happy."  She uses this when she eats something she likes (like Jell-O).  When she's done with it, she'll rub her tummy and say "I happy with Jell-O."  She likes to fight with Michael for "his spot" on the bed.  She's declared it "her spot" too so whenever she sees Michael walking towards his side of the bed, she'll run and get up there before he does and take up "the spot."  Of course, Michael takes his time when he sees this and let's her win so that they can have a little conversation about who's spot it is.  

We are still working on her room, although not really rushing it at all.  She's still moving around a lot and wakes up quite a few times at night.  She has a bed in her room now, but she doesn't like sleeping in it.  It's very strange to her.  We tried moving her there once during her nap time and when she woke up, she was crying because the room was unfamiliar to her.  
This past weekend, Zachary and Mackenzie caught something nasty.  Both of them were throwing up all over the place.  Zachary did not feel well the whole day and stated that he felt like throwing up, but never really did.  That changed when I tried to put some food (rice porridge) into his stomach because he hadn't eaten anything much that day.  As I'm feeding him, he let it all back out at me.  After that he threw up another time.  After some sleep that night, he stated that he felt better and ate like normal.  
Mackenzie was just unhappy and we couldn't figure why.  All the suddenly in her crib, she would start screaming and crying.  After a few more cries, it all flowed out.  So in the shower she went and got herself cleaned up while I changed her sheets.  Then a little bit later, she did it again and there went another outfit and another shower was required.  She started doing a little better as far as her attitude after the second vomit because she was happy again.  About an hour later, we tried to give her some Motrin because she was feeling a little hot and was ready to go to bed.  Bad idea.  Right after the Motrin went down, it along with all the Sprite she was drinking came back up onto her pink blanket and me.  Like Zachary, after a good night's rest, she seem to feel better. 
Of course, for the both of them, I didn't really dare push them too much the next day when it came to food.  They ate whatever portion they thought was good enough.  Normally, I would be pickier on stuff like that, but after all the barfing incidents the day before, I take whatever they can eat as good enough.