Election Day

It's Thursday and Don is at school all day, this means that I have the computer to my self. Between Don needing the computer for his school work and my back making a fuss when I sit too long, I haven't been on the computer for a while. I haven't found a way to lay on the couch, with pillows under my knees, and use the computer, or use the computer while taking walks. Technology needs to catch up with my requirements.!! The things that I can do are make silver chain and read, TV isn't that great.

The election returns have been a real roller costar ride and I guess it isn't over yet. I imagine that we will hear discussions on this election for years to come and all the school children will be having lessons on the electoral collage. There is a lot of discussion about the election in Israel since many of the people came from The States and because Lumberman was on the ticket. The Israelis want to know that the President of the US is their friend. One of the ladies at the silver class asked me who I voted for. While I was trying to decide how to answer, one of the other ladies said that it's a secret ballet, I was let off the hook. I don't want to get in a discussion of politics or to offend anyone with the way I voted.

People here ask questions that in the US would be considered personal and privet, things like "How much do you make?" and "How much is your rent?". It's not considered rude to ask these kinds of questions, but I'm still a little surprised when they do.

My friend Norit's husband teaches a drawing class on Wednesday evenings and I am planning to attend. She lives next-door to the Silver Lady so all I have to do is walk around the corner.

The weather has warmed up a little but not too much. The sky is clear and sunny, but the temperature is not high, I love it like this. Morning, afternoon, and evening are all beautiful from our balcony. This is a beautiful city, I think we have one of the best views in the city and I will miss it when it's time to go home.

Don is planning to spend 5 or 6 weeks at Tel Bernah this summer. That is not my idea of fun and I don't want to spend that much time in this apartment by my self either. My plan is to fly to The States and visit family and friends. This will happen in June.

More later...............