Car Bomb

My back had been complaining, so I had settled my self on the couch with three pillows under my knees. Don is at school all day today. Irene, Don's sister, has sent me some books, I'll just lay around and my complaining back. Around 3 pm I heard what sounded like an explosion, it was not close. I'm comfortable here, don't want to get up, probably someone clearing bedrock for construction.

"Bernice !, Bernice !"

I went out on the balcony, Darla, my neighbor was hanging out of her window and pointing toward town. A column of dark smoke was rising from somewhere in the center of town. We were discussing where in the city it would be, and what it might be while her son Paul, a news photographer, rounded up his equipment. I went in and turned the TV to CNN News and the volume up so it could be heard from the balcony. Sirens started screaming. Paul was jogging up the street toward town, we could see his back crossed with straps and cameras hanging from those straps. Behind Paul, Ozzy, Darla's husband and a retired police officer, was running too, he has training for emergencies and maybe he could be of help. CNN begin to broadcast the explosion and between CNN and Ozzy on a cell phone we begin to learn what had happened.

The car bomb exploded on a side street near Mahaneh Yehuda market. Mahaneh Yehuda market is the Shook where I like to shop for my produce. I have not been there, or near there, since the trouble started because it is always busy and crowded and we have been told to stay away from crowded areas. If the person or persons with the bomb had gotten to the Shook the tragedy would have been much worse, fortunately they didn't get that far and the bomb went off on a side street that was relatively quiet.

The school called shortly after the explosion, they were checking the whereabouts of all the students. Don then called to tell me that he would be late because there was going to be a meeting for all students at 5 pm. At the meeting the school told the students not to get excited, this kind of thing has happened before, and reminded them of the places to avoid and to avoid crowds.

Lady and her pups have a home. A friend of Paul's has taken them to his home, he wants Lady, and one of the pups have been spoken for. Darla and I are glad that they have a real home now.

More later............